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The Main Reasons to Learn How to Program Bots According to

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The Main Reasons to Learn How to Program Bots According to

April 14
15:51 2020
The Main Reasons to Learn How to Program Bots According to

Chatbots are considered one of the newest and most innovative e-commerce trends available today. Virtually everyone is discussing them, what they offer, and why they are so crucial to businesses today. The problem is, not everyone knows how to program bots.

However, along with the creation of chatbots, many people have some questions. For example, are they really necessary or just a fun parlor trick for a modern website? The fact is there are many industry experts who agree they are a crucial part of any e-commerce experience. Keep reading and learn more here about the growing importance of chatbots.

Chatbots Today and Chatbots Tomorrow

The business application of chatbots for any consumer-facing goods is growing rather quickly. It’s estimated that more than 60 percent of Gen Xers and 59 percent of millennials in the U.S. have already interacted with some type of chatbot.

According to, customers now expect to easily find the information they are searching for with just the click of a button. If a website doesn’t make this possible, it can result in a lost sale of the loss of a customer – forever. To fully grasp how a chatbot can mitigate some of these frustrating situations and improve the user experience, it’s necessary to understand how people interact with modern businesses.

The Interaction of Customers with Modern Businesses 

According to a report released by Microsoft, email and phone are still the main forms of communication for many customers when they need services offered by a business. While social media, self-service, live chat, and even chatbots are considered lower regarding the number of people using them, the growth in these communication arenas is impressive.

Overcoming Communication Challenges 

To date, there have been countless studies related to the use of chatbots. There is even proof that mobile chatbot tech improves ER patient experience. However, what many people want to know is, why? The answer is because chatbots help to alleviate some of the most frustrating aspects of any online experience. These include hard to navigate sites, the inability to find answers to basic or simple questions, details about businesses being impossible to find, and the inability to find services.

Customer Service and Chatbots

The implementation of chatbots with a service like Botpress along with email, social media, and live chat can impact the customer experience. It will provide them with a source of answers, help resolve problems or complaints, provide detailed answers to questions, and provide a new way to communicate with the business, which are all beneficial attributes of the modern chatbot.

As e-commerce continues to grow, the ability for customers to easily and quickly communicate with a business is also growing. If this feature is missing, it won’t be unusual for a business to lose the competitive edge that businesses with this technology in place have gained. Be sure to keep this in mind and add chatbot technology to a website to provide customers with the best user experience possible.

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