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The Influencer Academy helping influencers to command massive following through proven online program

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The Influencer Academy helping influencers to command massive following through proven online program

April 17
21:05 2020
The Influencer Academy is offering a certified online influencer course which is backed by real-world approach and proven strategies used by successful influencers to help aspiring influencers make it big.

April 17, 2020 – Aspiring influencers struggling to gain a strong foothold over social media can finally heave a sigh of relief. The Influencer Academy is offering certified online programs that are helping  influencers to exponentially grow online presence, build a powerful brand and earn sizeable income in a short time. TIA is backed by its own team of in-house influencers who share only the tested and proven strategies that created successful social media stars.

The TIA certified online curriculum will guide students on making full-time living as a successful influencer. They will learn the secret to leverage their skills effectively, make the most of time and resources, build a mighty brand and highly engaged community as well as stand out with élan in the present fierce competition. The online influencer course isn’t just for new aspiring influencers but also for semi-established influencers and established influencers who are seeking further growth.

As per the statements of TIA founders John Randolph Cox & Dan Kriznic, there are a multitude of unique aspects that keep TIA ahead in the market. They stressed on their result-driven, pragmatic and action-focused coursework, strategically formulated to boost the confidence of students and help them to build businesses right away. Packed with interactive quizzes, customizable templates and realistic hands-on tools & techniques instead of mere textbooks- the innovative coursework follows a real-world approach with the aim to create lasting success for an influencer.

TIA’s curriculum was developed by PHDs, seasoned market researchers as well as successful influencers who have come up with proven strategies and tips that are followed by leading influencers today to reach the peak of success. As the program is available completely online, students have the flexibility to take part in the curriculum, from any place, any time and just at their own pace. There is no time cap on completing lessons. 

The TIA founders also mentioned about their updated approach and the TIA market researchers conduct quarterly market reviews of TIA curriculum to keep it up-to-date as per the latest changes across social media. 

Besides, the TIA presents a bustling, motivated and cooperative community where students can easily connect with other content-creators who are willing to collaborate with promising investors. 

Speaking further, the TIA founders highlighted the cutting-edge features of the TIA online program for influencers –

  • Action-driven and growth focused content to help students feel confident in their road to build their own brand and be their own boss
  • Authentic Certified program taught by leading influencers and certified educators only, unlike regular influencer programs where they mostly have uncertified teachers
  • Step-by-step proven blueprint for success as an influencer
  • Interactive and stimulating content backed by latest technologies which ensure action-driven outcome
  • Flexible learning facility for students
  • More affordable and less time-consuming compared to regular influencer courses

Interested students will be able to choose from different course packages as per their needs and budget.

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