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Avoid Coronavirus using C-Alert Application – A Step Towards Healthy World

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Avoid Coronavirus using C-Alert Application – A Step Towards Healthy World

April 24
19:49 2020
Every person needs to contribute with his efforts to redesign a pandemic-free community

People entered the new year 2020 with loads of hopes and dreams, but it came with a tragic scenario. Although the coronavirus outbreak was reported in the month of December in China, it took very little time to spread in almost every country in the world. As per current reports, millions of people are already infected with this disease, and the death toll is rising high with each passing day.

Medical health experts have already warned people that this disease spread from person to person, and the virus can even stay active on objects for several hours. Considering the severity of the issue, most of the countries have announced a complete lockdown to deal with the spreading of the virus. At the same time, the government is making efforts to trace all the infected people and those who may get infected during direct contact with covid-19 patients in the future. And to do this task more adequately, every person needs to contribute by staying alert.

You can also avoid coronavirus attacks by using a C-alert application. This app is designed to mark all the people that are infected with Coronavirus as well as those who have chances to get infected in the future. This app can save you and your family members from coming in contact with those who are suspected to have Covid-19. It happens just because the app is capable enough to mark the current position of all those people who are infected with Coronavirus.

The app is designed with a red button for every user; in case if anyone becomes infected, he/she needs to press that red button, which works like an alarm. As soon as a person presses the button, his position becomes active on the app, and it is visible to all app users. Also, the position of people who were in a close position to the infected person also gets activated on the app with yellow color. In this way, healthy people can avoid making contact with any such people to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

In case if you are marked yellow by the app, it means you may get infected, and it is good to take help from the medical team as soon as possible. It may help you to save yourself and others as well. In simple terms, this app can help you to break the chain of virus spread so that we all together can create a healthy world again.

About C-Alert App:

The C-Alert app is designed to help people stop the chain of covid-19 spread. It works by highlighting the position of infected people along with their nearby contacts that may get infected in the future. This app can work like a magical savvier for the world while reducing the chances of infection due to pandemic. Anyone can download this app from Google Play store and become a corona worrier to save the world.

In order to know more about this app, we asked a few questions from its developers:

Q. Can this app work on all versions of smartphones?

A. At the moment it is available on android but soon it will also appear on iPhone.

Q. How reliable this contact tracing can for areas where a lesser number of people have smartphones?

A. The C Alert app can be useful for a long time because the example of China shows that isolation only limits the spread of the virus but will not lead to its disappearance.  When the end of the pandemic was announced in China, the restrictions were loosened and people began to have more contact with each other, which led to the appearance of further cases of illness.  People who are infected with the virus but are not sick are carriers and when in contact with them will continue to spread the virus so this virus will not disappear as a result of lockdown and this app also helps in locating such people who may be potential carriers.  The App will help us to avoid contact with the virus without having to fall into paranoia, closing ourselves to everyone.  We must also assume that long isolation will negatively affect our mental state and lead to a progressive crisis because many workplaces are closed.  App C Alert is a solution that will help us avoid contact with the virus without the need for continuous isolation.  It will make it easier for us to function normally while limiting the spread of the virus.

Q. How many people are actively using this app till now?

A. The app is new, so not many people use it yet. I am also looking for people who will cooperate in its development.

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