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Mornsun Provides State-of-the-Art Smart Grid Solutions

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Mornsun Provides State-of-the-Art Smart Grid Solutions

April 27
17:34 2020
Mornsun’s Smart Grid Reacts to Changes in Supply and Demand of Power and Offers Efficient and Reliable Electronic Solutions

Guangdong, China – April 27, 2020 – Mornsun, headquartered in China, is a leading high-tech enterprise that has now exponentially grown into a leading vertical industrial power supply manufacturer, provides state-of-the-art smart grid solutions. Mornsun’s smart grids are efficient and compatible with smart devices and smart homes supporting the use of electric and hybrid vehicles. Smart grids lead to economic savings and better management of energy consumption.

The major actions that take place in a perfectly designed smart grid are power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and consumption. Wind turbines, nuclear power plant and solar panels routinely generate power. Distributed inverters, DC-AC converters and DC-DC converters convert the electricity to its right form and right voltage.

Mornsun offers state-of-the-art and effective power electronic solutions for smart grids. These solutions address key issues in power generation such as efficiency, safety, ultra-high input voltage and low no-load currents. Mornsun’s 1500V high input voltage DC/DC converter can directly get electricity from the bus voltage PV strings and then convert it to supply power for the monitoring unit. Smart grids begin power transmission with distribution voltage, high voltage, and now to ultra-high voltage. Mornsun offers a variety of power of power-efficient solutions for power transmission.

Smart grids power transformation such as monitoring and control of the current and voltage. A robot for overhead power line inspection is an interesting example of such an application. The power supply unit of the DTU/FTU focuses on system continuity power supply requirements of power distribution. The fault monitoring terminal in a power distribution system makes it the best power solution smart grid. The final destination of power is end-user consumption. With its smart meter technology, it requires a higher level of communication interfaces, large capacity memory and micro-processors, low power consumption, and high-level EMC protection for power supply.

Mornsun’s QP12W08S-37 is an excellent choice for the IGTB driver with its built-in isolated DC-DC power supply, a high isolation voltage of 3750VAC, input signal frequency of up to 20 kHz, a built-in fault circuit with a pin for fault feedback, and a protective soft cut-off time. Communication with the monitoring system is facilitated by a Mornsun industrial bus from the TDx01D485H Series that utilizes IC technology to achieve isolation between the power supply and the signal line.

Smart grids are extremely common in today’s world, which is why Mornsun works to provide clients with comprehensive power electronics solutions for all energy needs. These include massive smart grids, battery management systems, combiner boxes, inverters, and grid monitoring units, as well as end-user applications such as EV/HEV charging stations. Our line of power electronic products provides the efficient, reliable, power-dense solutions needed for all smart grid solutions.

If you have any queries regarding Mornsun Smart Grids, let the company know. The company will respond to your queries at the earliest. For further information feel free to contact the Media Manager.

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