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Experience Cloud Nine Ergonomic Split Keyboard & Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter

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Experience Cloud Nine Ergonomic Split Keyboard & Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter

April 28
17:49 2020

Torrance, CA, USA – April 28, 2020 – Cloud Nine Ergo, a California-based ergonomic home, and office solutions company is thrilled to announce the launch of its two new products, the Cloud Nine Shift Electric Desk and Cloud Nine Split Keyboard. Blake Olson and Chris Greiner, make the pitch: “Work-from-home and office-based desk jockeys are sure to appreciate the design features of both products, now available at you don’t want to miss this.”

The Cloud Nine Split Mechanical Keyboard is one of the first split full size, RGB, Programable, and real cherry MX brown switches on the market.  Hence the name after its defining feature – the ability of the keyboard to split down the middle and tilt at an angle to provide the user’s wrists, elbows, and shoulders a more natural position. This minimizes the risk of nagging injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and reduces generalized fatigue.

Another feature of the full-sized mechanical keyboard is the satisfyingly quiet, yet firm tactile feedback from the 115 individual Cherry MX Brown switches absent from virtual or lower quality keyboards. Tested to last to over 50 million presses, each key switch is rated to have 2 millisecond response times, and has anti-ghosting technology which all allows for speed typing or rapid gaming. Ghosting is a bug in lower-quality keyboard switches which is activated when three or more keys are used together, or in quick succession (as in ctr+c, ctrl+v, or ctrl+alt+del and similar keyboard shortcuts).

As a full-sized keyboard, the availability of a built-in number keypad allows for quicker and more accurate typing of numbers which can be useful when working with spreadsheets. Old-school gamers recognize this as a throwback to two-player games using one keyboard – player one uses a+w+s+d  as directional keys, while player two 4+8+2+6 on the keypad where again, anti-ghosting technology is a necessary design feature.

To further limit random keyboard ghosting bugs, the Cloud Nine Split Keyboard also has 10 dedicated macro keys that are programmable to execute multiple-key combinations and keyboard shortcuts. Also customizable is the backlighting for each key – useful as a visibility aid when used in dark environments, or to serve purely aesthetic and personalization functions. A centrally located media dial is programmable for volume, brightness, and other adjustments. Future firmware updates tentatively scheduled for release on June 2020 will include built-in drivers for Windows 10 and enables customization to include scrolling, zooming, rotating, media playback fast-forwarding and rewinding among other design plans.

A built-in set of USB ports on the keyboard’s left side allow the user to plug-in accessories like headphones and microphones, or a stream deck – lowering the need for longer cables and cable management, with matching ease of accessibility over traditional wiring layouts which necessitate routing at the rear.

The Cloud Nine Split Keyboard ships in black, with a 3-year product warranty.

The Cloud Nine Shift Desk takes its name from its ability to smoothly shift from being a sitting to standing desk with an easy press of a button. The 36 inches by 15.5 inches work desk is very stable and is electronically actuated, able to adjust 20 inches in height to match variable user comfort levels your neck and back will love it. The smooth motion of the height adjustment mechanism and the stable platform both ensure that office equipment will not topple over, and neither will it spill a cup of coffee!

With enough space for a single or dual monitor set-up, the Cloud Nine Shift Desk is rated to support equipment up to 90 lbs. in weight. The two-tiered design has a dedicated 28 inches by 10.5 inches keyboard and mouse platform. The top tier has wireless charging capabilities for smartphones. Simply place your wireless charging enabled smartphone on the marked location and it automatically recharges while you work. An adequately sized drawer is included to keep pens, pencils, post-its, charging wires, and other accessories in one convenient storage space.

Easy assembly instructions require only that it be taken out of the box, keyboard and mouse tray be screwed on, placed on a work table, and plugged in. The Cloud Nine Shift Desk also has a built-in power strip with 2 standard US plug power outlets and 2 USB charging ports to the user’s left side. A third USB charging port is available in front of the desk for added convenience.

The Cloud Nine Shift Desk comes in black with wood trim, or white with wood trim. Orders come with a 30-day money-back, no questions asked return policy, and a 5-year warranty.

Cloud Nine Ergo highly recommends that orders for Cloud Nine Shift Desks be paired with Cloud Nine Split Keyboards to optimize ergonomic comfort. “We’re trying to promote stand-up desks as an overall healthier option for desk jobs and gaming, but retain that sit-down option. The Split Keyboard does a similar thing for typing and gaming” – Chris G. adds.

Cloud 9 offers, “more information please check us out at or contacting [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.”

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