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Sewer Line Repair Services Are Available in Lynnwood, WA

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Sewer Line Repair Services Are Available in Lynnwood, WA

May 12
15:50 2020
Sewer Line Repair Services Are Available in Lynnwood, WA

Sewer line repairs require specialized skills, tools, and expertise beyond what most residential plumbers can offer. That doesn’t mean homeowners can afford to put off necessary repairs, though. Most sewer line issues are genuine plumbing emergencies, so read on to find out about the sewer line repair services available in Lynnwood, WA.

Signs of Trouble

Not every clogged toilet is an indication of sewer line problems. Sometimes, a clogged toilet can be resolved using nothing more than a drain snake or even a plunger. There are, however, a few clear indications that there is a more serious underlying problem to blame. 

If every sink, toilet, and shower drain in the house stops draining at the same time, it’s usually a problem with the main sewer line. Similarly, if the toilets start overflowing when residents use other plumbing fixtures, that’s usually a bad sign. If homeowners allow their sewer line problems to persist, they may eventually start noticing unpleasant smells. These smells are an indication that noxious sewer gasses are being released into the house, which can endanger the health of residents and guests.

What to Do

The first step toward resolving a sewer line problem is to call a company like Apollo Plumbing with contractors who can perform inspections and, if necessary, repairs. Apollo’s plumbers are available 24/7 to address serious emergencies and they have all the technology required to diagnose and address even serious problems. Check out to learn more.

Video Inspections

Modern technology offers a great solution to homeowners’ sewer line problems. Plumbers with access to sufficiently advanced technology can perform video inspections to quickly get to the root of the problem, helping them figure out how to get the lines open and flowing again. Video inspections make locating clogs and evaluating the extent of damage much easier.

Get Rid of Tough Clogs

If the clog is caused by organic material buildup, plumbers may be able to resolve it using a simple organic material dissolver. Unfortunately, not all clogs are that simple. If residents haven’t been as careful as they should be about what goes down their drains, plumbers may need to use professional sewer rooter equipment to resolve the resultant clogs.

Broken Sewer Lines

Broken or cracked sewer lines are cause for serious concern. They need to be addressed immediately to avoid exposing the home’s residents to potentially dangerous toxins. If residents or guests notice the unpleasant odors often associated with sewer line breaks, they should know that it isn’t just a smelly inconvenience. It’s a good cause for calling an emergency plumber.

It can be hard for homeowners to evaluate which plumbing problems are minor and can be resolved at home using over-the-counter products and tools. When it comes to sewer line problems, though, the choice is simple. Any serious clog or broken pipe should be considered cause for immediate concern. Apollo can help. Their contractors have all the experience and equipment they need to resolve even the toughest clogs or breaks. Visit to learn more today.

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