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Artist Narine Arakelian implants a digital work in physical canvas

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Artist Narine Arakelian implants a digital work in physical canvas

May 25
20:22 2020
Find the actual reason to love “ART” and peace your eyes by looking at Narine’s masterworks!

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Narine Arakelian is a stunning artist born in Siberia. The fine art of Ms. Arakelian is a beautiful combination of expression, present-day uniqueness, and performing arts, including, advanced innovations and the use of digital technology. The artisan produces artwork by consolidating the conversions of figure, painting, sight, and sound, and execution workmanship to feature recent multiplex problems of the society. It’s her beauty of work, the way she combines ‘Art’ and ‘Technology’.

Art‘ stays a component of correspondence and congruity, equipped for setting up and clarifying the connection among past and future, an exchange between contemporary fine arts and antiquated creations. The thought behind workmanship is to concentrate consideration on causing to notice the ongoing idea, to the essential and unique procedure that recognizes the imaginative demonstration and accordingly craftsmanship in each fleeting declination, over a wide period.

The American artist graduated in fine arts under the tutorship of expert artists from the State Surikov Institute, Moscow in 2015 followed by a one-year internship at the Digital Arts Department at the Academy of Art in Los Angeles. She is also a certified member of the Russian Union of Artists. Ms.Arakelian’s work especially centers on social, societal, ethnic, culture and tradition-based, political as well as focuses on eliminating gender discrimination.

Her journey commenced with exemplary scholarly craftsmanship, then her work developed into multimedia contemporary art, such as execution, virtual reality, computerized (digital) art, glass and metal sculptures, lightboxes, silkscreen on clerical textures, gold leaf compositions, establishment, and ecological art. She uses her appreciable hard work to bring some positive change around and diminish all the conventional cliché especially about how women should spend their lives in this multi-mass word today.

Narine has got a chance to exhibit her exquisite work in a series of events organized by the Vinzavod Art Centre, Art Play, The Moscow Museum, and the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo where she presented her famous ‘Pharos flower’. She has shown her masterworks at various parts of the world including Miami (Art Scope fair), Berlin (dialogues about Revolution and Power), Venice (The Bloom, Cast Iron Pots, and Pans), Palermo (glasses), New York and many more. Her recent MASH gallery in Los Angeles made a powerful establishment that caught appeal from everywhere.

Ms. Arakelian draws motivation from her Siberian routes just as for her experience to encounter the world over to educate her imaginative practice. It’s not only her ‘Revolutionary Sensorium’, ‘Velvet Revolution’ or a magnificent piece ‘L’Illusion du Marriage’ performed with modern entertainment that has made her so likable, her empathy towards the people in society, spreading of love and hope for betterment that she has won hearts. She truly believes that people are vitality waves that can change the world, investigating post humanistic talk through patterns of ‘The Post Information Society’.

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