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Soil Remediation And Disposal By Innovative Earth Solutions To Remove Hazardous Materials And Ensure Compliance For Health And Safety

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Soil Remediation And Disposal By Innovative Earth Solutions To Remove Hazardous Materials And Ensure Compliance For Health And Safety

June 01
23:42 2020
Soil Remediation And Disposal By Innovative Earth Solutions To Remove Hazardous Materials And Ensure Compliance For Health And Safety
Innovative Earth Solutions (IES) offers environmental services and solutions, including soil remediation, disposal, and transportation of soil and groundwater contaminated with hazardous materials. The cost-effective solutions offered by IES deliver savings and value for real estate projects.

According to announcements released by Innovative Earth Solutions and Jack DiGangi, the company is a leading provider of environmental services, such as soil remediation, barging services, and wastewater treatment services. Soil assessment is carried out during construction projects to check for the presence or possible future presence of hazardous substances such as creosote, petroleum, and lead. These contaminants in the ground, groundwater, or surface water can be inhaled or ingested, thereby posing a serious risk to health. 

Sources revealed that hazardous contamination consists of those materials that present a threat to public health. These can be present in the soil in the gaseous, liquid, or solid state. The type of remediation depends upon the physical state and nature of the hazardous material. Mercury, refrigerants, nuclear waste, petroleum products, insecticides, car batteries, etc. are examples of hazardous waste. Non-hazardous waste includes metals, pesticides, insecticides, etc. This, too, requires special remediation and cannot be disposed of through sewer lines or dumpsters. 

State laws dictate the procedures of removal of such waste from the soil. Non-hazardous but regulated materials include asbestos and wastewater. Such material must be processed and disposed of in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976. This is to prevent future threats to human health through air and water exposure. Once the contaminants have been removed, clean soil is added to raise the level of the land. It may consist of earth, gravel, or rock that is free of contaminants. 

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Jack DiGangi of innovative Earth Solutions said, “Innovative Earth Solutions specializes in not only sampling and remediating contaminated bulk materials, including – sand, gravel, gypsum, agricultural soil amendments, and more, but we also provide various means to transport large amounts. During the planning of this process, sometimes a more efficient route means crossing water, rather than driving around it. With our barging and tugboat service, you can charter a barge for that very purpose. Each charter comes with a captain and full crew. Our barging and tugboat services are offered throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, from Delaware to North Carolina. Whether it be for soil disposal, or remediation, cleaning, and replacing, we can transport large amounts of soil, water, gypsum, whatever material you need transported.”

On wastewater treatment services by the company, DiGangi said, “Fats, oils and grease (FOG) are a major problem for wastewater collection and treatment systems, causing manhole and lift station overflows, sewage backups in homes and businesses and general system clogging issues at treatment facilities. Further, odors associated with rancid grease are also a major problem where FOG issues are prominent. The EGS-12 treatment process all but eliminates problems associated with FOG. The process is extremely efficient and very cost-effective EGS-12 works to attack FOG as it forms in collection systems or sewage lines. EGS-12 first acts to emulsify the FOG while dissolving nutrients essentially within the FOG designed to stimulate natural biological degradation. The emulsifying properties of EGS-12 keep FOG from building up in lines, wet wells, and other collections points.”

Contact and location information are available at Innovative Earth Solutions

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