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Man with severe psoriasis to chronicle his experience as he begins cutting-edge psoriasis treatment, as part of nonprofit Psoriasis Cure Now’s Psoriasis Journey campaign

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Man with severe psoriasis to chronicle his experience as he begins cutting-edge psoriasis treatment, as part of nonprofit Psoriasis Cure Now’s Psoriasis Journey campaign

June 02
15:15 2020

Bethesda, MD – Psoriasis Cure Now (PCN), a nonprofit patient advocacy organization, announced today that a longtime psoriasis patient will chronicle, on the PCN website, his experience as he begins using a cutting-edge psoriasis treatment. With pictures and journal entries, the man, who has severe psoriasis, will give psoriasis patients and their allies a front-row seat as he embarks on what could be a watershed moment in his decades-long “Psoriasis Journey.” Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of the immune system that can have profound impact on the skin and often also the joints.

The public can follow along at His first dose will be Monday, June 8, 2020.

“Recent advances in psoriasis treatments are transforming lives,” said Michael Paranzino, president of Psoriasis Cure Now. “Despite that, our culture is still littered with phony cures, bogus treatments, and silly diets for psoriasis,” Paranzino said. “On TV, psoriasis patients visit psychics. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, message boards – everywhere you turn, someone is making a buck off the desperation felt by so many psoriasis patients. We wanted to show an actual patient for whom every medical claim will be verified and every picture un-retouched. And we’ll see what happens!”

There are now effective psoriasis treatments that could help most patients with moderate to severe psoriasis, particularly with the emergence of biologics and oral small molecules. Despite that, many continue to suffer with extensive psoriasis and report dissatisfaction with their current treatment regimen. Some have thrown up their hands in frustration, but Psoriasis Cure Now believes it’s time for them to take another look, as FDA-approved psoriasis treatments can finally live up to the hype that product marketers have been promising psoriasis patients for decades.

“Admittedly, this is a sample of just one patient – not a scientific study of hundreds,” Paranzino added. “But we believe his ‘Psoriasis Journey’ will, over the course of the summer, have great educational value, even though it obviously can’t speak to how other people would do on the same or similar treatments.” The psoriasis treatment journey campaign’s initial phase is expected to continue for at least three months, by which point it should be evident if and how this new treatment has worked… or not.

Psoriasis Cure Now was at the forefront of the body-positive psoriasis movement now exemplified by today’s Instagram influencers and others living their best lives despite visible psoriasis. From the organization’s “Short Sleeve Days,” first launched in 2007, to its Psoriasis Patient Calendars that debuted the next year, Psoriasis Cure Now has been urging psoriasis patients to show their psoriasis proudly, while steadfastly defending others’ choice to keep it hidden. As treatments improve and reach more people, short sleeves can become second nature to psoriasis patients.

“The ultimate goal of the Psoriasis Journey campaign is to get those with psoriasis to evaluate their own treatment regimen, and to make an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss if they could be feeling better tomorrow than they are today,” he concluded.

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