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Dr. Tori Brown Teaches Financial Strategies for Surviving in Covid-19 America.

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Dr. Tori Brown Teaches Financial Strategies for Surviving in Covid-19 America.

June 18
13:38 2020
Experienced business veteran, Dr. Tori Brown, acknowledges the art of entrepreneurship and how to convert your personal resources and information into currency while existing in an unjust system with the new book release titled “Acid Reflux: How To Stomach This Economy”

“Acid Reflux: How To Stomach This Economy” is the latest project from Dr. Tori Brown, a business developer with more than 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship and start-up companies. The body of work is a Tell-All-Book on how millions of Americans can improve their personal credit scores and build a protective financial shelter to survive financial discomfort, especially in the current dwindling economy during a worldwide Pandemic and fight for justice.

I am saddened by the continued injustice and financial disadvantages that minorities have experienced for decades. In light of the George Floyd incident and many other deaths that led to the numerous protests that are going on around the world, Acid Reflux The Book, gives creatives like myself the space to challenge inequalities and provide OUR literary content and resources for under-represented minority people that are directly impacted by not having a seat at the table for wealth and information,” said Dr. Tori Brown.

The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled the financial situation of millions of Americans and others across the globe. This situation seemingly has a harsher effect on people of color that are at a greater disadvantage because of the higher rates of unemployment and limited resources for aid and support. This aid and support for minority populations could mean creating more opportunities to increase entrepreneurship and access to financial business resources.  There is a need for a political environment that would advocate for individuals in the U.S. to bring forth discussions on how minorities can navigate the system and build wealth legally through entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, there are not too many cost effective resources to help people improve their credit scores or amass wealth to even access the current funds offered by the CARES Act signed into law March 27, 2020.  While some qualified for business funding relief a greater percentage did not due to their personal credit history.  This is where Dr. Tori Brown is looking to change the narrative with “Acid Reflux: How To Stomach This Economy.”

I really felt a strong urge to write and release this book for the millions of Americans that will need to have resources to turn their financial situation around. Entrepreneurship has been my advantage and saving grace for 25 years because of my ability to convert information into currency.” –  Dr. Tori Brown.

Dr. Tori shares her wealth of knowledge and experience as a business and strategy expert for clients abroad. The book teaches one how to navigate their money and create self-employment through the combination of good credit and business start-up. Using this combination as a process for creating revenue, the author shares helpful information and useful tools on how to get into real estate investing and building a real estate investment portfolio. Readers will also learn how to create a personal bailout plan similar to the plans offered to the large corporations leaving the American people to bailout themselves.

The book features advice on how to deal with the Acid Reflux illness of an economy that does not bail out the American people. The corporate greed and excess of consumer spending has etched the framework of an economy that can no longer handle the financial monsters that has been created. Learn strategies for self-employment opportunities while staying at home during the COVID-19 crisis.  Building a recession-proof financial shield during these uncertain times can help you stomach this economy and help you to heal the economic Acid Reflux your experiencing in your personal economy. The author in each chapter, takes readers into a play by play experience of the personal awakening that validates the idea; information is the new currency during the 2020 pandemic.

“Acid Reflux: How To Stomach This Economy” is currently available on Amazon for interested readers worldwide.

For more information about the book and how to get on the success train, please visit – Dr. Tori Brown can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram

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