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Time to Get the Shared Ride Industry Rolling

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Time to Get the Shared Ride Industry Rolling

June 19
16:38 2020

As of June 9, 2020 110K+ Americans have died in the US with 1.7 Million Cases of the Corona Virus. One of our best weapons against Covid19 is social distancing. How does one do that in a vehicle? One doesn’t. Its got to be the most risky scenario one can think of. 

The Shared Ride Industry like Uber/Lyft have been reported to lose 75-80% of their business in hard hit metro cities like New York and Los Angeles. Before, the slow down was due to a lack of open businesses, now its due to a fearful mentality of drivers and riders. Some Drivers in particular don’t want to bring home the virus to their family. 

Just how does one bring confidence and safety back to the shared right industry? The response to that is “Covid Car Shield” ( It is designed to be a universal barrier producing a good sealed partition between sections of a vehicle thus isolating bio- contaminants and toxic substances. The result is independent air spaces with their own air ventilation such that the air spaces are isolated yet one get the benefits of air conditioning so that creates safety with comfort. In addition, its easy to install without tools, safe for the occupants and the car and it’s durable for long term use. 

On a personal note, the Covid Car Shield was designed by the company’s founder (creator/engineer) as his contribution towards fighting covid19. His father passed away on Easter morning. He was in a independent care facility in Broward County Fl. He had past heart surgery years ago and also alzheimers. In February, he was fine but took a rapid downturn in March, being hospitalized for March. Covid test were negative but suspicion remains. 

If one is an Uber,Lyft, or medical transport driver, then one knows what safety and confidence means to one’s riders. Making one’s riders both physically and mentally comfortable is super important. The Covid Car Shield is here to bring back confidence and safety and leave fear at the front door.

Learn more about the CovidCarShield at
ZanzaBee Inc.
[email protected]  

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