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Three best friends have crazy conversations in their women-focused & fun new podcast “I need to pee”

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Three best friends have crazy conversations in their women-focused & fun new podcast “I need to pee”

July 02
12:22 2020

I Need to Pee” is a fun new podcast inspired by all the ‘bathroom conversations’ all women have, discussing the most intimate stuff and raising topics that no one talks about. The three hosts of the podcast and life-long friends highlight everything from pop culture, to growing up in a small town, their most embarrassing moments, work stories, relationships, and a whole lot of other stuff. “I Need to Pee” will make you people, especially women, believe that they are not alone in this process of finding answers to unknown questions.

Hosted by Kacey, Hayden, and Alexis, the first episode of “I Need to Pee” podcast was recently launched on May 13, 2020. In the first episode, the three hosts introduce the listeners to their quarantine friends. As for now, there are a total of 6 episodes to the podcast that covers a variety of light-hearted topics. In the episode aired on May 20, 2020, the host talks about the problems that every girl faces regarding the use of different skincare products. Kacey, Hayden, and Alexis talk about the things that every girl, at least once in a while, goes through. The latest episode of the podcast was put out on June 25, 2020, where the host talks about the different situations related to food and snacks. 

The idea behind the “I Need to Pee” podcast is to unveil the most honest and candid conversations women have, behind the locked doors of the bathroom, be it in a night club or at a party. Telling about “I Need to Pee”, the hosts say, “We create a safe space for those of us who are always asking the questions we’ve grown up believing everyone around us has figured out, only to realize, none of us truly know what the hell is going on.”

This podcast might be women-focused but the listeners aren’t limited to women, as it helps the fellow male species to understand women better too, to some extent at least! “I was not expecting this I’m always excited to know what women talk about in the bathroom. This doesn’t help me understand the mind of the woman but it’s a start and I’m excited to hear more from this podcast. 99 skins is my favorite episode thus far”, says a review by El Gun Legro on “I Need to Pee” podcast.

This podcast isn’t just for women, but for all those who want to understand what goes inside the head of a woman. Kacey, Hayden, and Alexis are basically every woman’s mind in a nutshell. They have a subtle way of making a conversation lively and entertaining. They wouldn’t let you miss a beat or blink an eye while you are listening to their podcast. 

Listen to the podcast “I Need to Pee” now on Apple Podcasts.

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