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Jose Arias, One Of The Leading Guns Of The Social Media Marketing World, Lays Out His Pro Tips On How One Can Grow Their Brand On Instagram This Year.

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Jose Arias, One Of The Leading Guns Of The Social Media Marketing World, Lays Out His Pro Tips On How One Can Grow Their Brand On Instagram This Year.

July 17
13:41 2020
Arias is amongst those youngsters who know how to cleverly make use of Instagram as a fruitful medium for the marketing space.

Different mediums exist in the online world that if used to the maximum extent can give results; nobody could even imagine. This is what sums up the power of social media and its power of reaching the whole wide world through some clever marketing strategies that many youngsters are using to rise as an entrepreneur in the digital and social media marketing industry. Jose Arias, a young man from Bronx, New York, makes his name count in the elaborate list of many social media influencers and marketers and today is quite famous for the meme pages he has created on Instagram like @dawg which has already garnered 5 million followers.

Born in 1994, this 25 year old lad grew up in Dallas, Texas and studied from Allen high school. At only 16, he got into social advertising work. Since then, Arias has been the guy who evolved through the years and became a self-made entrepreneur. His other pages on Instagram like @investment is also proof enough why he is one of the best in the business. He has proved he knows how to grow brands on Instagram, which has made his followers increase to 22.6K and still counting.


He lays out a few important tips; other young entrepreneurs can learn for growing brands on Instagram.

  • Be a storyteller: The way stories reach and touch audiences, nothing else can. Humans are always in need of hearing stories that they can identify with. Hence, be a storyteller and use the ‘Story’ feature on Instagram by engaging the audiences with compelling stories of what you want to promote, suggests Arias.
  • Share everything: Be open to sharing as much content as you can for what you are promoting on a daily basis. This gives way to consistent and relevant content, says Arias.
  • Create a community: There are many people on Instagram who out of passion do influencing and are not necessarily affiliated with any company/brand; professional social media influencers can work with them, believes Arias. He says one can gain a stronger online presence by encouraging good creators, help create better content with them and build a community together online. Communities can help reach the message & promotions consistently.
  • Focus on your followers: Most important is to focus on who follows you, says Arias. Creators must create content to engage and impress their existing followers first and then think of attaining new ones. This will lead them to find new people who would be interested in knowing their page and trust them as influencers. This helps brands in increasing their reach much more.
  • It is ok to fail: Keep experimenting with strategies to think of the greater good of brands, suggests Arias. Once influencers and creators know how to adapt to trends and newer approaches, they give their clients more chances to grow their online presence by reaching more people with different ideas. Even if one fails while experimenting, one can learn from the mistakes and move ahead.

Jose Arias owns a media company that manages OnlyFans models, meme pages, influencers and international models.
Arias also says that Instagram has three different social networks like Posts, Stories and IGTV and creators must be well aware of how to use these three varied mediums to keep engaging the followers and make the brands reach them more organically just like he has been doing it successfully. Jose Arias publishes interesting posts live videos that’ll help users to grow and establish their personal and business presence on social media via his Instagram Account @papii

Romy Johnson is an ingenious Indian Entrepreneur, Educationist, Businessman, based in Canada. Jose Arias’s interview, who is a leading social media influencer and marketer, was taken by Romy. He is the owner, CEO and founder of companies like Fames Media, Cool Gurus, British India Academy and Xaare.

Facebook and Instagram – @RomyJohnsonOfficial.

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