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“Life After Flying” is a Definitive Guide for Flight Attendants to Discover and Achieve their Next Dream Career

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“Life After Flying” is a Definitive Guide for Flight Attendants to Discover and Achieve their Next Dream Career

July 29
20:46 2020
"Life After Flying" is a Definitive Guide for Flight Attendants to Discover and Achieve their Next Dream Career

July 29, 2020 The most nagging doubt every flight attendant has faced at some point in their career is, ‘What will I do next?” An insightful answer to this comes from “Life After Flying” by ex cabin crew and aviation recruiter Katarzyna Richter. 

A job transition guide for flight attendants, “Life After Flying” offers a roadmap for exploring and choosing the next fulfilling and sustainable job after being a flight attendant. The book uses several techniques, from understanding themselves better and recognizing their skill sets to marketing these to prospective employers. 

Readers of “Life After Flying” will learn, among other things, how to identify where to go, whom to know and how to get there. They will understand how to build a workable plan for life outside of aviation, and how to take those first steps. Some important areas dealt with are building a network and securing finances after quitting the job. Also offered is practical advice and a structure for identifying personal goals and going on one’s own to achieve them.

For all those flight attendants and cabin crew wondering what to do next, I have tried to put it all together based on my personal experiences as well as psychological material. The book will help everyone get over the initial hurdles and work straight into their next dream job,” says Katarzyna.

“Life After Flying” relies on the author’s own experiences as a flight attendant who successfully transitioned to a new career as well as her background in psychology to create a research backed guide on identifying one’s aptitude and skills and harnessing them for the life ahead. The book deals with several other challenges that arise during job search, such as dealing with crises, developing grit and building a personal brand and communicating it for best results.

Katarzyna is the CEO of a successful company, and is well placed to guide others into making decisions and take the right actions while managing their career trajectory. She also tackles topics like how to think analytically about life, learn to identify the pros and cons and use this skill to go forward towards happiness and wellbeing. 

About the Author

In her earlier life, Katarzyna Richter worked for Emirates, Gulf Air, and Etihad Airways, accruing tremendous experience of the aviation industry as cabin crew, and then becoming a recruiter for Qatar Airways. She completed her degree in Cross-Cultural Psychology in Warsaw. Katarzyna delivers training sessions and keynote speeches internationally and runs digital detox retreats in Portugal. She writes on intercultural communication in business and lifestyle magazines and is a lecturer in postgraduate studies in Poland.

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