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Privee Makes it Possible to Enjoy a New Degree of Cybersecurity

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Privee Makes it Possible to Enjoy a New Degree of Cybersecurity

August 13
19:57 2020

Focusing on Cybersecurity, Privee Offers a Private, Secure and Decentralized Platform that is Mobile and 100% Secure

With the growth of practical applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the introduction of various services that increase the reliance on the internet, users today have to be more cautious against cybersecurity attacks. Despite the promises of safety and security, information shared on the online stratosphere can be vulnerable for manipulation. 

That’s why decentralized, private security platforms are a necessity. Instead of paying third-party apps for this service, Privee is a tool that allows you to take your cybersecurity into your own hands. You can ensure that your data is safe and is not being exploited. 

The team behind Privee stated, “With a lot of third-party apps that we use, there is a huge risk that our data will be sold to the highest bidder. Moreover, there is also the threat of cybersecurity hacks. Skilled hackers can easily exploit the smallest loopholes. Privee effectively protects against this aspect.”

Over the past few years, hacking attacks have struck not only small but big businesses as well with some notable names being HBO, Uber, MyFitnessPal by UnderArmor, and more. The risk that these cybersecurity attacks place on individuals is immense. In fact, many businesses have suffered innumerable losses because of cybersecurity risks that exploit small issues and errors. 

These cybersecurity attacks place vulnerable data including payment details, personal identification, phone numbers, and house addresses at risk. To safeguard yourself from this aspect, it is a good idea to make use of personal decentralized platforms like Privee. 

Privee stands apart as a cybersecurity measure because it is not only secure but it also allows one to take control of how they preserve their data. As a server device, it is designed to be discreet and creates a storage option that is 100% private. You no longer have to rely upon cloud servers from corporations to store your data. 

Moreover, Privee offers you a safe and secure platform where all your data is secure. You are the one who gets to control this aspect completely. Privee supports safety and security for calls, messages, photo sharing and storage, and other functions. Given this aspect, it is easy to see that you are the one who controls how your data is shared and stored. 

Privee also protects a user’s data from being shared with big corporations for marketing purposes. In the case of other messaging or social media platforms, user data are kept at private servers. Often, this information is used by private companies for digital marketing or to push information to influence your thoughts by studying your behavior. With Privee, this scenario can be avoided.

Currently, anyone who is interested can pre-order Privee by backing it through Kickstarter. There are early-bird discounts available and you can also sign up for their newsletter to stay updated regarding changes. Shipping begins immediately after the funding goal has been achieved. 

To support this campaign, visit the Kickstarter page

About Privee

Privee is a decentralized messenger that is designed for complete privacy and to provide a secure platform to users. It gives one control over their data, how it is shared, stored and the cybersecurity options it has. With Privee, users can navigate the online stratosphere with more confidence regarding their personal information. 


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