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Niccom Store making fishing easier and safer with innovative Fish Hook Detacher

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Niccom Store making fishing easier and safer with innovative Fish Hook Detacher

August 18
04:06 2020
Niccom Store is offering a cutting-edge and ergonomic Fish Hook Detacher that makes unhooking a fish more convenient, safer and faster than ever.

Charlotte, NC – August 17, 2020 – No more getting hurt while unhooking fish hook. Great news for anglers looking for a safer way to fishing. Charlotte-based Niccom Store has come up with a breakthrough Fish Hook Detacher that can unhook your catch in just one single second. 

“Fishing is fun but removing the fishing hook can be a serious pain point for a lot of anglers. In fact, many people are apprehensive about going to fishing altogether because of the challenges of hook removal. This is where our innovative Fish Hook Detacher comes to the rescue. The detacher has been designed to address this typical pain point of anglers and it makes fishing even safer and easier for you”, stated the leading spokesperson from Niccom Store.

“With our state-of-the-art hook detacher, it just takes one second to get the hook out of the mouth of your catch! You can forget about those worries of getting hurt time and again while unhooking your catch. We want fishing to be fun for all, irrespective of age. We are positive, with this major challenge solved, everybody, from your grandpa to little Dennis, will now be more confident about fishing.”

The Fish Hook Detacher is designed to make things safer for the fishes too. Per the statements of the spokesperson, the detacher can remove those deeply embedded hooks that are beyond the reach of human hands.

“Our Fish Hook Detacher is not only safe for an angler but for the fish too. It’s intelligently designed to remove even the most deeply embedded hooks that’s not possible manually and that too with least possible harm to the fish. This way, you can release the fish safely into water.”

The Niccom Fish Hook Detacher is strategically made from Anodized Aluminum as the material is corrosion resistant to salt water. The hook detacher is available in various sizes to choose from. The standard available size is 7” while users can also order XL versions that can be up to 9.5” long. The product is also available in versatile range of colors to choose from.

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed on the ergonomic design of the hook detacher that makes unhooking even more convenient for anglers. 

“We have equipped our fish hook detacher with a super ergonomic plastic handle that assures a natural and comfortable grip while unhooking. Moreover, our hook detacher is made of Anodized Aluminum which makes it extremely durable. It’s like a one-time investment and you are set for many years of safe and happy fishing.”

Although Niccom Store is based in Charlotte yet the company caters to customers all across the world. The company ships products directly to the customer which cuts down middlemen involvement and keeps the costs low. The Fish Hook Detacher carries 1 month of warranty.

Added to the fish hook detacher, Niccom Store has also come up with a Lifelike Fish Lure. Made with high-resolution body, the lure sports an ultra-realistic look which makes it stand out in the water easily. Moreover, they are armed with Mustad treble Hooks that immediately improves chances of catch after the fish bites.

“Our lifelike fish lure carries a unique multi-joined design which makes it flexible and assures more realistic movements. The very advanced design also makes the lure highly durable. Moreover, it’s a versatile product and easily compatible with both fresh water and salt water.”

The Lifelike Fish Lure from the store is available in as many as 10 variants. For more information, please visit

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