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Rapper Turned PPE Mogul: How Kane Wav Is Revolutionizing Health & Safety In Canada

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Rapper Turned PPE Mogul: How Kane Wav Is Revolutionizing Health & Safety In Canada

August 21
21:24 2020


Mul. ti. hy. phe. nate:
Someone who does several jobs, especially in the entertainment industry.

This is the aptest description for Anthony Subnaik — otherwise known as Kane Wav from New Wav Entertainment. This rapper/entrepreneur/PPE mogul has taken multiple different paths that all stem from the same principle: to hustle and motivate. After the pandemic hit, Kane remodelled his business approach around the question of ‘how can I be of more value to consumers with my endeavours?’. Music wasn’t something he could do without proper funding, but he wanted to continue to create wealth — not in monetary values, but rather through the lives that he could impact.

The mission to add value to the economy and longevity in the market was one that drove him to pursue the business of PPE — with his partner Julian Dipaola, he created Imperium Vending. With the vision of providing accessibility to PPE for all consumers, these innovative but simple vending machines were created to allow consumers to always have access to PPE, regardless of where they are. Reopening the economy won’t be successful unless done safely — Kane took a risk on the uncertainty of life during the pandemic and bet on the necessity for PPE for everyone so that as the economy reopens for business, it would be with less risk.

For Kane, being a rapper wasn’t enough — to truly make an impact, he wanted and needed to bring value to the world and inspire with his entrepreneurial ventures, and then do the same with his music.

Kane Wav has been making Hip Hop/Rap music since he was 12 but aspires to transcend genres — inspiring everyone with his music, but first inspiring people with who he is as an individual. Inspired by the likes of 50 Cent, Jay Z and P Diddy, Kane wanted to create music while also venturing into the entrepreneurial realm with success. Living with a sense of urgency — recognizing time as the only real currency — has made Kane work hard to accomplish his dreams in a timely manner. But with that came challenges. With a strong maternal support system, his moral compass was set for true north, but the lack of a father figure set his path astray several times — leading Anthony to have several run-ins with the law and almost leaving high school to pursue his rap career full time. But he stayed the course — strong family values resetting his direction and the awareness of his potential keeping him motivated. 

Public speaking and authoring books will be titles eventually added to his CV, and a movie documenting his life and successes is definitely in the cards. Living a life of wealth — spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically — is the ultimate goal. This begins by questioning the status quo that says to stick to one thing, and asking ‘Why limit myself to others’ perceptions?’ This was the question he asked the naysayers when they said he couldn’t do music and business simultaneously. His advice to people would be to “not let anyone’s image of you limit your capability to be who you want to be. Block out the doubters and haters and become obsessed with your goals and dreams. Be confident, practise your craft, and always have a plan. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; instead, diversify your portfolio — because life never goes to plan. Persist and stay consistent with everything and you will succeed. Build leverage with your value — not your product, but you as an individual — and be grateful for where you are and never forget where you came from. Always know the storm passes and life is only what you perceive it to be — be in control, even in the midst of uncertainty. Always spread positivity because good always trumps evil — and above all else, always hustle and motivate.” 

Spreading wealth in knowledge — a currency more valuable than any amount of money one could possibly hold — is a major undertaking, but not one that’s overwhelming for Anthony. If anything, the main takeaway from his story is that it’s not about what you gather but what you scatter — which determines who we are after we pass. He wants the legacy of empowerment – as someone who has made a difference in the lives of others – and to be a game-changer. When he dies, he wants the world to feel it. And there’s no doubt that the world will.


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