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How to put interior decoration painting, interior decoration painting skills

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How to put interior decoration painting, interior decoration painting skills

August 24
11:34 2020
How to put interior decoration painting, interior decoration painting skills

On the soft outfit collocation of the family, adornment picture can be said to be a very good deck element, a lot of families can choose one or two when decorating. And as far as applicable space is concerned, no matter be sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, study also or toilet, the figure that can see adornment draws. Although adornment picture is a kind of simple and easy to use element, but how to put about interior adornment picture do you know? If you don’t know, please keep reading.

1. Abstract painting

Everybody is right the cognition with the most common abstract painting is to see do not understand, but the abstract painting is applied in the decoration of current style, can have very good adornment effect. It is the characteristic that abstracted picture lets a person ponder over not quite exactly, place in the home to give a person a kind of lofty go up feeling. Abstract painting already sees feeling in dimensional deck, also can have a kind of exaltation to indoor dimensional feeling.

2. Best location

How to put about interior adornment picture, a very important factor is the position that puts. Because make use of adornment in the home just, itself is not expensive, so must be put in the place that everybody can see. How to put this problem about interior adornment picture, if be the adornment picture that hangs in the sitting room, had better be to let a person be in the first glance that takes the door can notice the existence of adornment picture, can achieve the adornment effect of adornment picture maximization so.

3. Corner placement

In the eyes of most people, if the placement of decorative paintings is not regular, it must be wrong and ugly. But actually, in case of certain home outfit, reasonable use corner to put adornment picture, also can have very good adornment effect. By corner, we mean the 90-degree Angle between the living room and the hallway.

4. Staircase placement

How to put interior adornment picture to return design to an important space, that is the stair in the home. To the adornment picture of this space is put, irregular often is more beautiful. The place that decorates a picture, never be neat explain beauty, messy beauty also is a kind of put way that has originality quite.

5. Color selection

How interior decoration painting is put besides the attention paid to on the position, also need to pay attention to all the more on the choice of color. If colour and the decorate a style in the home do not match, can affect integral adornment effect. If be Chinese style style, the color of adornment picture needs a few somber. European style words, general proposal chooses white, American style words, the color is as bright as possible a few.

6. Echo the spatial shape

How to put this problem in interior adornment picture, everybody often can ignore the echo of adornment picture and dimensional shape. Simply say, if put the metope of adornment picture is rectangle, that also can have the adornment of same shape to paint adornment, dimension word, still want area of specific metope according to.

7. Echo decorative painting details

Although adornment picture basically is used to give a space with deck effect, but for better integral adornment effect, after choosing good adornment picture, we also can choose a few small adornment to form echo with adornment picture. This one says simple, but in actual operation, have certain requirement to owner aesthetic.

This paper introduces how to put the interior decoration painting from seven aspects, but in fact, how to put the interior decoration painting this problem can not be generalized, but according to the actual situation of the different to do specific consideration. Anyway, in the end I hope you can choose their favorite decorative paintings.

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