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JK Cares Organization – Empowering Nigerian Youths For A Better Tomorrow

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JK Cares Organization – Empowering Nigerian Youths For A Better Tomorrow

August 24
23:20 2020

Each day, often than not, we live by the say, “If you plan for one year, plant rice. Suppose your plan is for ten years, plant trees. And if your plan is for a hundred years, educate children.” Think about that for a second. And that’s while educating and training youths is key.

Each day, tons of youths face difficult times that leaves them hopeless and desperate to the extent of losing the true meaning of life.

And with the proliferation of Coronavirus pandemic, youths face unprecedented hard times than ever expected. As such, loss of jobs, business shutdown, and the rising cost of living has become the norm.

These unfortunate times have made many youths to engage in unethical activities to pass the time and also make ends meet.

And if no efforts are in place to help them cope up with the current economic situations and prepare them to deal with similar occurrences in the future, it could make for a troubled generation with slumping country’s economy being no exception.

Sounds awry, right?  That’s where JK Cares Foundation comes in handy.

With its overriding objective being to create an enabling environment for the youth of Nigeria to learn for self-wealth creation so that they can contribute to the development of their areas, and be an active participant in the development of the nation, this instrumental organization has transformed the lives of many youths for the best.

Other guiding principles include job creation, wealth creation, self-reliance, poverty alleviation, and self-reliance.

JK Cares Foundation — What It Is And What It Does To The Youth

Joshua Kalu Foundation, also known as JK Cares Foundation, is a multi-faceted non-governmental organization that focuses on social justice, socio-economic development, and humanitarian assistance.   

As if that’s not enough, it also focuses on fostering innovation and a sustainable mechanism for improving the quality of life among the needy youths by helping them boost their self-esteem and self-reliance.

When it comes to its mandate, this incredible organization works with communities to alleviate poverty and hunger. In addition to that, it promotes care for the environment, making the world a better place ever for humankind to live up to full potential.

The organization was founded in 2016 by Joshua Kalu Ogbonnyaya Kalu, a head pastor of the Aggm ministry.  Pastor Joshua Kalu got compelled to start this organization by the plight that the needy and helpless youth were going through with little or no aid to help them meet their needs actualize their dream.

Some of the challenges that youth battle include a high rate of school dropout due to school fees constrain, joblessness, early marriage, and involvement in crimes.  With that in mind, starting a non-profit organization that would address the various needs of the troubled youth was critical.

Being a philanthropist, consultant and a preacher who is obsessed with making the community a better place to live, he has transformed the lives of many through his powerful motivational speeches, pieces of advice, and Christian teachings. Perhaps, that’s what makes him stand out from the crowd.

With a great vision of creating a long-lasting and sustainable solution to poverty, hunger, and social injustices, JK Cares has been inspiring and helping needy youth between 18 to 45 years to actualize their dreams through pieces of advice, capacity building, as well as responding to their physical and emotional needs for many years.

Why JK Cares Is A Destiny Changer

Young people are endowed with enormous potential that, when misappropriated, could result in reckless and wasteful life.

Besides that, many youths with nothing valuable to do may revert to social vices and injustices that culminates in criminal activities.  And that’s why having the youths engaged in valuable activities is a masterpiece.

After all, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

Lack of vocational and skills training is a major impediment towards achieving life goals and economic independence among youths. As a result, it has impacted the lives of many youths negatively, especially from those youths coming from lower economic class.

Disadvantaged youths suffer through life, with little resources to help them change their lives for better. As such, any hand of help extended towards them can make a tremendous improvement not only in their livelihoods but also to the nation at large.

What Necessitated JK Cares Foundation  

Sixty per cent of Nigerian youths in their productive age have lost focus and found themselves struggling with unemployment and poverty.

Therefore, there was an urgent need for a reliable and sustainable solution.And that’s why JK Cares was founded.

JK Cares is instrumental in addressing various challenges and pains that many youths struggle within their day-to-day life.

Also, it has boosted the efforts of helping youths to tap their potential and gain worthwhile skills through the following skill such as soap-making, website development, digital marketing, photography, E-commerce, video editing, phone repairing, carpentry, Paper bag making, Environment management, knitting, sewing and tailoring, brick-laying, leather tanning, computer training, computer training, handcraft training, mechanics and party decorations, plumbing, entrepreneurship and more.

With the above programs, JK Cares is currently targeting 1 million Nigerian disadvantaged youths who lack worthwhile skills and to help them work in either formal or informal sectors and fend for their living.

Besides that, the programs also keep the young and energetic youths engaged in life-changing activities, thereby reducing the chances of the youths engaging in unlawful activities.

After the training, the youth are expected to start improving their livelihood as well and boosting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nation. 

Challenges Faced By JK Cares Organization

Since its inception in 2016, JK Cares Organization has been transforming the lives of many youths in Nigeria. But with the growing number of youths being enrolled in the program, the organization needs more funds and resources to cater to the needs of the growing number of youths enrolled in the program.

Besides that, it also needs financial support to carry out campaigns and continue reaching out for more needy youths who would wish to get training to help improve their productivity. And, in turn, boosting the gross domestic product of our nation.

Whether you’re willing to be a volunteer donor supporting the programs through the provision of equipment or offering financial support, or have the feel to donate towards the programs, our gratitude is immeasurable.

With any little support that we get either financially or materially, we’ll be able to enrol more youths into our programs and meet our target of 1 million youths in Nigeria.

Donate today and make the difference!

Media Contact
Company Name: Joshua Kalu Foundation
Contact Person: Joshua O. Kalu
Email: Send Email
Phone: +2348095737523
Address:40th Avenue, 404 Road, Shop 11 Sun City Plaza, by 40/41 Festac Town
City: Lagos
Country: Nigeria

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