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HomeCars Inc. Restores Equity To U.S. Real Estate Listings With Innovative Approach

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HomeCars Inc. Restores Equity To U.S. Real Estate Listings With Innovative Approach

September 04
05:28 2020

Milwaukee, WI – HomeCars Inc., an online residential and commercial real estate marketing company, working with financial institutions and real estate brokerages, the plan is restoring equity to American residential real estate properties and making market listings attractive to both buyers and sellers with an innovative approach.

Expected to redefine the real estate industry in the United States, HomeCars Inc. merges the existing American real estate and auto industries. Designed specifically for the American consumer navigating the real estate market, HomeCars is the first private real estate marketing company to offer new home buyers a new automobile at no additional cost to the buyer or seller at closing.


The process is complex but made simple with homecars trademark and patented addendums. HomeCars Inc. assists brokerages with addendums that allow a client’s residential property for sale with a vehicle. The seller completes a net proceeds sheet to determine equity position they are willing to extend as a New Car Lien Credit, this credit is then extended to the buyer at closing based on the existing appraisal value. Once the property closes and is a check is made payable to a local automobile dealership and the buyer, at closing, gets to pick up their new car.

HomeCars is passionate about alleviating the burden permeating nearly a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, which put millions of Americans into debt and depreciated American assets. In doing so, HomeCars Inc. aids families in the reduction of monthly living expenses, help sellers make their existing residential real estate listings more attractive and offer banking institutions a solution to reduce equity loss and defaulted real estate portfolios.

To learn more, please visit The full website will launch on January 20, 2020.

About HomeCars Inc.

HomeCars Inc. was established following the 2008 financial crisis, which left millions of Americans in crippling debt.  Ten years later, the aftermath still permeates throughout the country. HomeCars, an online company that services residential real estate in the United States, is a marketing liaison that brings together buyers and sellers with distinct approaches to selling and buying residential real estate, such as by including a new automobile in the purchase of a home at no additional cost and is not included in mortgage payments.

Media Contact
Company Name: HomeCars Inc.
Contact Person: Dennis Walton
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 414-933-8157
Address:315 West Court Street
City: Miilwaukee
State: Wisconsin 53209
Country: United States

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