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Rebecca King Releases New Single ‘Heart Is Still Waiting’

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Rebecca King Releases New Single ‘Heart Is Still Waiting’

September 07
11:48 2020

Würzburg, Deutschland – Rebecca King has a twangy sound that is typically of a country music artist. She’s sort of in her own category. You’ll have to listen to her to get a sense of her unique sound.

However, she’s in the same category as artists such as the Dixie Chicks, Maddie & Tae, Taylor Swift, and Cam. She loves New Country, and this is the genre of music that she shares with her followers. You can hear her Songs Online.

Rebecca King isn’t just a pretty voice. She has a powerful gift to write songs as well. Her new song “Heart is Still Waiting” details the struggle that many people have to let go of love. It’s her heart that has to do the letting off, but as most people know, when you fall in love, it’s not that easy to turn off a switch.

You can dress it up any way you like, but Country is always looking for a new comer. There’s no Country singer that is quite alike one another. Now, with the Dixie Chicks going into pop, this opens a slot for more female Country artists to rise with number one hits.

Rebecca King is a deep thinker. She likes to write about nature, love, and the experiences she wants to have in life. It’s clear by listening to her lyrics that she writes from both the head as well as the heart. It’s difficult to find a combination of this or someone who is so willing to put their thoughts to prose and note.

She is a bit cryptic in some of her songs such as “Bridges for Tides.” You have to really look into what she is saying to see if there’s something you can piece together. However, this is an artist’s prerogative, and she does it really well.

There’s a type of calming atmosphere when you listen to the music. It’s the type of songs that you would expect to have on play as you sit on your front porch. You take in the sun with a cup of coffee and listen to the melodies. There’s something inspiration about Rebecca King too. She makes you want to pick up an instrument and learn something for yourself.

Also, the way she writes about sharing New Country it’s like she’s on a mission to spread the word about this new genre. You can tell that she is passionate about what she does but also retains a sense of wonder in the art. It’s this magic that makes the concoctions she comes up with so inspiring.

All in all, you’ll want to wade into the waters and check out her songs on Songtradr. It’s an anomoly these days to see artists that write and sing their music. This is just something that Rebecca King does though.

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