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Tourmaline Stone Traces Five Hundred Years Of History

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Tourmaline Stone Traces Five Hundred Years Of History

September 15
02:30 2020
Tourmaline Stone Traces Five Hundred Years Of History
StarLanka is proud of the extensive line of the wildly popular semi-precious gemstone which comes in a variety of colors. The online catalog includes a range of cuts and shapes.

StarLanka is pleased to announce that the company’s online inventory includes a selection of one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones, since their discovery in Brazil in the 1500s. The tourmaline stone finds were mistakenly believed to be emeralds and sapphires by the Portuguese explorers of the area. The stones were sent to the home country, where they were cut into gems suitable for jewelry for wealthy family members and royals. 

For nearly 500 years, Brazil was the only source of the stone, but today it is mined from sediments in many areas of the world. The crystals are found in the states of Maine, and California, as well as the countries of Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania and Afghanistan, The range of colors and availability, are easy to find online and at jewelry stores. The many color options are typically given memorable names.

The crystalline structure and components which provide the popularity of the gemstone can be cut in various forms. The primary color options include Pink Tourmaline, Green and Blue Tourmaline, and Yellow Tourmaline. There is also a bi-color version of the gemstone. One of the popular bi-colored stones is known as the Watermelon Tourmaline, with green and red graduations. The large variety of color zones and compositions within the crystals means tourmaline is available in more colors and color combinations than any other group of minerals.

The presence of various components during the formation of the crystals has made the many colors possible. In its natural state, many pieces are black.

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The history of StarLanka includes the expertise of cutters who work on the highest quality stones. Each of the gemstones available for sale by the company is carefully chosen for the color and quality of the cut. 

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