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Naomi Wong’s debut EP Collaboration with Victor Ma: It was unexpected

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Naomi Wong’s debut EP Collaboration with Victor Ma: It was unexpected

September 17
13:00 2020
Naomi Wong’s debut EP was officially launched, delivering a new understanding of her life. Naomi Wong’s debut EP, “NO DAY BUT TODAY”.

The first single “ROLLER COASTER” in Naomi Wong’s debut EP “NO DAY BUT TODAY” was officially released on August 13th,. It’s reported that the new album would release a single every other week, and the full album was officially launched on August 27th!

Having been crazy with work during the past year, Naomi Wong is going to turn her focus to her passion – Music. She is going to tackle more challenges this time, and deliver an understanding of herself which comes from her comprehension in this new stage of life.

Demonstrating the attitude of “self-discovery” A brand-new challenge in music

Naomi Wong’s first EP “NO DAY BUT TODAY” was officially launched on August 13th. The album is named after the classic quote in Rent, “No Day But Today”, which is also intended to provoke discussion about life, time and self.

This album contains three newly created songs, gathering her life insights gained from her busy works over the past year. “ROLLER COASTER”, “BOOM” and “HARD TO SAY GOODBYE”represents love for adventure and living to the fullest today, farewell to the past respectively; a modern trilogy intended to pay tribute to retro style, which demonstrates her attitude of “self-discovery”.

Naomi Wong also attempted several music styles in this album. It’s quite different from the previous European and American pop genres of “WORK FOR ME” and “TE QUIERO”.  A variety of drum & bass, dance pop and R&B genres are incorporated in these three songs. A great number of trendy EDM, Urban and Hip-Hop element are also blended into the production. Further more, “HARD TO SAY GOODBYE” is the only lyrical song in this album; a soft background by piano, vividly highlighting the texture and characteristics of her vocals.

Collaboration with All-star Line-up

The new single “BOOM” in “NO DAY BUT TODAY”, in which the rap lyrics were created and sung by Victor Ma. When it comes to the collaboration with him, Naomi Wong summarized in one word: Unexpected! During the LA recording, this song felt like it needed a male rapper and Victor who was studying in California, came in to fill that role. They came together to record the song, and only after the recording was done did their respective teams begin to communicate with one another on projects details. 

Although the title of this song is “BOOM”, Naomi couldn’t get into that feeling at the beginning of recording. However the atmosphere made Victor very excited and he was setting the mood for the recording. While he was recording the rap, Naomi Wong opened a bottle of champagne and slowly got into the mood and completed the recording. They have come across each other during different variety shows but this is the first time they have collaborated together. They really hit it off and were able to work seamlessly together.

In addition, the album was produced by an all-star US line up as well a top domestic visual team. Producer Pink Slip, who participated in the production of Lay Zhang’s album, “Namanana”, and producer Rob Nelsen who goes by “Inverness”. To help with the lyrics and music, Bilal Hajji, the producer of Lady Gaga’s debut album “The Fame” was invited, as well as the well-known creator, Sibel Redžep jointly they created the album, “NO DAY BUT TODAY”.

The theme of self-discovery can also be found in album’s visuals. The main color of the album cover, Oz Green, is taken from the classic novel “The Wizard of Oz”, which depicts the process of individuals forming their self-identities and seeking recognition in communities; the crystal ball represents your existence in a parallel world.

Naomi Wong’s first EP “NO DAY BUT TODAY” was officially launched on August 27th,. In this album, you can see her making breakthroughs by challenging herself. You can hear her ambition to pay tribute to freedom, self-discovery and faith in life. You can expect to see more new music from her soon and she will return to stage as the diva we all know. 

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