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Homeowners Know the Importance of Having Hardwired Smoke and CO Detectors

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Homeowners Know the Importance of Having Hardwired Smoke and CO Detectors

September 22
10:15 2020
Homeowners Know the Importance of Having Hardwired Smoke and CO Detectors

Roughly half of all deaths related to home fires occur during hours when family members are asleep. In cases where there are no fire or carbon monoxide detectors present, those family members may die before they’re even aware there is a threat present. Cal Fire reports that two-thirds of fire-related fatalities occurred in homes with no fire detectors. That’s why it’s vitally important to have working smoke and CO detectors in every home. But, does it matter if the detectors are battery operated or hardwired?

What’s the Advantage of Having Hardwired Smoke and CO Detectors?

It’s important to remember that newer homes in the Glendora, CA, area are required to have hardwired smoke detectors installed. Also, all new homes with attached garages or fossil fuel devices must have carbon monoxide detectors installed. Those regulations have been in place for several years, but what about older homes? Older homes may still use battery-powered smoke and CO detectors, and those detectors will provide an adequate warning when a threat is detected. So, why should those property owners care if their smoke and CO detectors are hardwired?

When battery-powered detectors are used, there is always a chance that the home’s residents will forget to replace the units’ batteries. When that happens, those detectors are not able to provide any protection for the home’s occupants. There might as well be no smoke or CO detectors installed. Local experts like those at Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air always encourage property owners to update their homes to hardwired smoke and CO detectors to ensure there is always adequate warning when needed.

Choosing and Installing Smoke and CO Detectors

While the experts at provide a wealth of advice, it’s up to the homeowner to make a final decision when selecting smoke and CO detectors. However, it’s always a good idea to trust the advice of the experts. Smoke detectors must be placed in all bedrooms, hall areas, and every level of a home. That includes a basement. CO detectors should also be located in every bedroom and on every level of a home. That means every home will need multiple detectors installed and maintained. If you’re replacing aging detectors or installing hardwired detectors for the first time, there are numerous options to select from. 

In most instances, the installers will recommend high-quality detectors, as the best models tend to be more effective and last longer. It pays to discuss the various CO and smoke detector options with an expert to ensure your family is properly protected. 

Maintaining Smoke and CO Detectors is Always Important

Smoke and CO detectors don’t need a lot of maintenance, but there are specific steps residents can take to ensure those detectors will function properly in an emergency. First, keep the detectors clean. A buildup of dust will prevent both smoke and CO detectors from functioning properly. Safety experts recommend checking all detectors once per month to make sure they’re working correctly. Press the test button on each device. If the detectors respond with a loud alarm, they’re working. 

Remember that even hardwired detectors generally have batteries to ensure residents are protected even if the home’s power is out. Those batteries should be replaced twice per year. Most experts recommend changing the batteries when the time changes to or from daylight savings time. 

Contact the Experts for Advice Now

If you’ve got questions about smoke or CO detectors, contact the experts for advice now. Go to for more information or to schedule an evaluation of your home’s smoke and CO detector needs.

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