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Hetvi Karia: The Young Prodigy In Digital Marketing

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Hetvi Karia: The Young Prodigy In Digital Marketing

November 17
02:45 2020
Hetvi Karia: The Young Prodigy In Digital Marketing

The road to success is not something that can be procured, the easy way. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring about something worthy of praise from the others. That comes from true passion for the work that you do and the amount of love that you put into it.

Hetvi Karia, the 20-year old marketing genius, hailing from the city of Mumbai is one such young woman who has been able to procure the fruits of hard work at such an early age. She is a digital marketing consultant based in Mumbai and is the Co-founder of the digital marketing company, “Team wizard media”. She is also the owner of the online news website, As a result of her achievements, she has also been made the Woman president of IHRC South Mumbai.

She stepped into the world of digital media at a young age of 15. With her mind brimming with ideas and innovative strategies, young Hetvi had no confusion in choosing her career in digital media marketing. It was indeed her love for business and the potential that she discovered in the early years of her teenage that lead her into deciding to become an entrepreneur at such an early age.

Being a woman entrepreneur, in a field dominated by men was quite stressful for Hetvi at first. She says, “There were times when I doubted if I had chosen the right path to follow. Due to the continuos demotivation from a patriarchal society, deeply wounded my conscience. It slowly started affecting my self confidence. It was my peers and family, who boosted me up inorder to move forward with my dreams.”

After quite a period of struggle, Hetvi started being known among the business giants in Mumbai. That was when she decided, she must aim for something big. With her Co-owner and friend, Aditya Belnekar, she started the digital marketing company, Team wizard media, in the year 2015, with an aim to elevate her business career to a whole another level. She was able to engage with more than 4000 clients and companies in order to expand their business through their unique marketing strategies.

She always wants to make something worthwhile out of the work that she does. Even with occasional failures, that pulls her down at times, with every step back she takes another two steps forward with confidence. She never lets her weakness bring her down at any instance. Her peace of mind is so powerful that, she uses her weaknesses to become her advantage. Analysing her own downsides and rectifying them has always been Hetvi’s success mantra.

With unwavering will power, Hetvi believes she can bring about much more success to her career, if she puts in more time to expanding her business on a large scale.

After her huge success in managing the ownership of her company, she decided to expand their business to various social medias. With her properly planned strategies and posts, she was able to gather a lot of fan following in instagram and Facebook, thereby increasing customer management through social media.

She had been quite self conscious about the things that she wants done within a time span of 3 years after she entered the field of digital marketing. Considering the milestones that she touched so far, it is amusing that she was able to fulfill her dream of becoming a well-known marketing consultant in Mumbai. Furthermore, she wants to be known among the best entrepreneurs and digital marketing consultants in India, which she plans to conquer with a determined focus on her career.

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