Properly Fitted Couplings Prevent Damage to Hose, Tools and Equipment

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Properly Fitted Couplings Prevent Damage to Hose, Tools and Equipment

July 28
02:06 2022
Properly Fitted Couplings Prevent Damage to Hose, Tools and Equipment

Industrial companies use equipment and tools that require couplings to keep the items connected to gases, compressed air, and chemicals. Couplings must fit the tool or machine design or workers could face serious risks, including severe personal injuries. With an ill-fitting coupling, a secure connection isn’t established, and businesses must mitigate these risks by getting the correct couplings to meet the needs of their applications.  

Prevent Electrical Current Transfers

Appropriate couplings won’t slip out of place or allow two conductive surfaces to connect or cause electrical current transfers. These events are dangerous for workers and cause serious injuries, and the unexpected electrical transfer might create life-threatening circumstances. Companies must get couplings that are fitted properly and won’t move or break under pressure. Find superior couplings for all your equipment and tools at now. 

Stopping Chemical Leaks 

Couplings that aren’t secured allow chemicals to leak from the tubing and cause damage. The types of chemicals the company uses in their applications define the risks to workers, the products, and the worksite. When planning the design, the business owner must compare couplings early in the process to prevent chemical leaks that could present major risks. If the couplings aren’t high quality and fit onto the hose or tubing appropriately, the company might face more worker’s compensation claims and possible lawsuits.  

Sealing Off Gases from Torches

Welders use torches to connect parts and applications and create a seal around the connection. However, these workers deal with gases that flow to the torches, and they must have adequate protection against the gases. If the couplings aren’t secure, gas can leak around the torches and cause a fire or explosion once the worker ignites the torch. When setting up the tools, the company owner must get couplings that seal around the torches and prevents all possible gas leaks.  

Establishing Proper Connections and Prevent Detachment

Hydraulic tools and equipment require proper connections to add more torque and pressure when workers complete daily tasks. If the couplings do not secure the tool, hose, tubing and other lines could detach and send these parts flying through the air behind or around the workers. Once these detachments happen, someone could get hit in the face, the eyes, or other parts of their body, and the speed at which the tool disconnects determines how severe the worker’s injuries are. Learn more about proper fitting couplings and how to keep workers safer at today.

Safeguarding Workers in Industrial Spaces

Project managers create a list of all supplies required for all applications. When setting up the workplace, the manager must ensure that all workers have each item for the project. Industrial suppliers can help them get the correct couplings for all equipment and safeguard their workers.  

Where to Get Industrial Products

At California Industrial Rubber Co., we offer high-quality industrial products, including couplings for all hoses, equipment and tools. Customers have come to trust the quality and superiority of our products and know that we offer only brand names they can trust. Contact us today and find out more about our products and supplies. 

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