Lowkey Esports takes 17th place in the World Championships

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Lowkey Esports takes 17th place in the World Championships

October 17
22:06 2019
Lowkey Esports takes 17th place in the World Championships
• Current-Winningest Overwatch Team in all of South America League of Legend Top 20 in the World – The best in North American and South American esports

Lowkey Community is an esports and well-established multi-gaming platform. We involvea wide variety of gamers who strive to build a positive environment that embraces honesty, passion, dedication, loyalty, and consistency. We strive to provide quality and transparency to our members, staff, and our fans.

Lowkey Esports started as a dream for the people behind its birth. They wanted an organization that allows everyone involved to continue their lifestyle, and most of all, enjoy their lifestyle. Our founders are no different from any other video game enthusiasts, and they seek to give back to the community. Since our launch in January 2019, we have been blown away with the talent in our teams and staff.

In just a few months, Lowkey Esports has succeeded in reaching hundreds of thousands of audiences members, as well as signing 8 teams from various popular games.

In the North American scene, we have seen success in games such as Fortnite, Splatoon 2, and PUBG, with the teams taking top rankings and awards in every tournament they have tackled. The teams have become family to each other, members of every team often found cheering on their Lowkey family in streams and LANs.

Our South American teams can be found in popular games such as Overwatch and Rocket League. Our teams have found international success, with our Overwatch Contenders team taking the stage of the Atlantic Showdown in Summer 2019. Our accomplished South American teams have become a huge part in the success of Lowkey Organization as a whole.

Lowkey is now taking sponsors all the way to the top call ALSEG-INTL 702-789-0749


Started Jan 1st, 2019


1) 2019-05-06 Overwatch Contenders Season 1 South America Champions: 40,000 USD Winnings

2) 2019-06-01 Overwatch Contenders Atlantic Showdown 5th Place: 7500 USD Winnings

3) 2019-08-19 Overwatch Contenders Season 2 South America Champions: 40,000 USD Winnings

League of Legends:

1) 2019-09-15 VCS Summer 2019 2nd Place Winnings: 8613 USD

2) 2019-10-07 World Championship 2019 17th Place

Rocket League:

1) 2019-03-19 ESL Brasil Premier League Season 8 Champion

2) 2019-03-31 RLCS Season 7 South American Grand Series Play in Champion

3) 2019-05-05 ELS Brasil Premier League – League Finals 2nd Place

4) 2019-05-12 RLCS Season 7 South America Grand Series Champions

5) 2019-06-23 RLCS Season 7 World Finals 9th Place

6) 2019-08-29 ESL Brasil Premier League Season 10 League play Champions

7) 2019-09-05 ESL Brasil Premier League Season 10 Finals Champions


1) 2019-06-11 NPL Cotenders Phase 2 Contenders 2nd place

2) 2019-06-23 NPL Phase 2 Relegation 4th Place

Media Contact
Company Name: Alexis Levi Sports and Entertainment Group LLC
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: 702-789-0749
Country: United States
Website: alseg-intl.com

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