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Now Its Time To Unlock Hip Flexors with Easy Treatments Available at Hip Flexors Info

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Now Its Time To Unlock Hip Flexors with Easy Treatments Available at Hip Flexors Info

January 21
20:28 2020
Now Its Time To Unlock Hip Flexors with Easy Treatments Available at Hip Flexors Info

21st January, 2020 – All of us have experienced the tight hips at one time or another, the aches and pains that come from sitting in one position for most of the day, whether it is spending too much time riding around in a car, working all day on the computer, or sitting during a long-distance flight in an overly stiff chair. 

There is one thing for sure, in terms of sitting, there is a good chance that you will be putting your body into unfavorable positions.  This can cause your body to stiffen up. 

Sitting is, unfortunately, a significant part of our culture these days and is hard to avoid.

By sitting in your chair for so long in a flexed position, combined with lack of movement during the day, and you will most likely develop tight iliopsoas muscles.

Having damaged tight hips can disrupt sexual function (more on this later) and cause health problems and back pain. 

The hip flexor muscles or psoas connect the legs with the spine. This means that whatever you do with your legs can potentially affect your spine.  You might not even feel it or think about it.

When you have a tight psoas caused from sitting down all day long, it causes your hips to become fixed within a forward thrust position which causes your legs and pelvis to rotate.  The forward tilt results in your hip socket becoming compressed which leads to the shifting and pulling of muscles, tendons and joints which pull on your lower back. 

The pulling on your lower back decreases circulation and blood flow in addition to delayed nerve response in your hips. 

If you don’t understand how your sex life can be affected by tight hips, read this one more time.

Decreased circulation and blood flow will occur with tight hips.

If that wasn’t bad enough, let’s take a closer look at this issue’s emotional side, since that may be more important that what our physical performance inside the bedroom is.  When it comes to our sex life’s current state, our emotions play a significant role.  Just ask anybody if feelings and emotions play any part in their sexual desire.

If you have constantly overworked and tight psoas, your body will be faced with the physical and emotional stress that are permanent roadblocks the force your brain into continuing to send all of your body systems warning signals.  This includes your reproductive system.

Those signals trigger responses inside your body that cause your adrenal glands to overexert themselves and weaken the natural immune response of your body to stress.

Hip Flexors Info offers you various kinds of easy treatments to overcome this problem. You may read the articles to know about the treatments on the website. Additionally, the site also informs you about the symptoms which cause this problem to take place. There are categories on the website such as Hip Flexor Injuries, Hip Flexor Pain and Hip Flexor Stretches.

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