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Pro Uptime Monitor Protects Online Businesses’ Websites Against Downtime

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Pro Uptime Monitor Protects Online Businesses’ Websites Against Downtime

February 07
14:06 2020
Pro Uptime Monitor is a company that offers uptime monitoring services to businesses trying to establish a strong online presence to engage customers as they widen their networks worldwide.

Uptime monitoring services can help companies ensure and maintain the availability of their websites to accommodate customer orders and payments. These services also assist online businesses in securing transactions, as customers disclose confidential financial information. High uptime performance is important because it reflects the undisrupted operations of businesses online.

What is the downtime?

Downtime is a period wherein an electronic machine or system is unavailable for use. One of the many platforms online that experience these are websites. It is also known as “outage duration.”

Downtime may be planned due to scheduled website maintenance or unexpected due to other issues or delays. This problem affects the official transactions of online businesses. When a website experiences downtime, it means that customers cannot finalize any transaction without experiencing errors or failures along the way.

However, the question that usually bothers business owners and entrepreneurs is: how would they know that their website is down? Aside from this, now that businesses know that downtime has a negative effect on customer perception, other questions they want to answer would be: what does a potential customer think when they try to access a business website and discover that it is offline? Is there a probability that they will return for a second chance?

In this digital era, businesses now maintain an online presence. However, because many of them are expanding faster than before, it has become impossible for companies to monitor their websites manually.

What are the impacts of downtime?

A business’s website is its main platform to engage and attract online customers. Therefore, any inconvenience or issues encountered on the website will surely have an impact on customer experience. The following are some of the observed effects of downtime on a business’s website:

  • Lower search engine rankings
  • Overall negative user experience
  • Negative impact on a brand’s reputation and credibility
  • Lost revenue and potential client opportunities

How to prevent downtime?

Before, companies had their own information technology (IT) team that oversaw all concerns related to electronic and online systems. However, as the world became digitized, maintaining all aspects of a business’s online presence became tedious. Now, even large corporations and enterprises outsource their IT services, including uptime monitoring, which tracks a website or any online platform’s uptime performance.

The following are some of the many reasons why several organizations now hire external monitoring services:

1. Outsourced uptime monitoring services are cost-effective.

In maximizing both time and money, outsourcing uptime monitoring services have proven to be more efficient and effective. For the past few years, companies have observed that hiring an external provider saves both their time and effort on maintaining their own manpower for it, especially if technology or IT services are not their main line of business.

2. Outsourced uptime monitoring services provide updates and alerts when the system experiences downtime.

External uptime monitoring services providers like Pro Uptime Monitor provide SMS and email alert notifications to businesses when their systems become unavailable. Unlike with an internal monitoring software, outsourced uptime monitoring enables business owners and entrepreneurs to track their websites all the time because their provider sends them notifications and alerts.

Why are uptime monitoring services essential?

Uptime monitoring services are essential since they can provide a perception of security for both business owners and customers. These services provide prompt alerts through email or SMS every time a website goes down, thus allowing companies to keep their systems available and running 24/7/365. Moreover, every second saved provide businesses more opportunities to earn. Therefore, experiencing downtime incurs costs to businesses.

The following are some of the many reasons why uptime monitoring services are important:

  • Uptime monitoring helps businesses avoid lost online sales or leads.
  • Consistent monitoring of the website’s availability assists websites in maintaining high search engine rankings.
  • Maintaining a fully functional website helps companies build a reputable brand.
  • Tracking of website performance ensures the security and safety of online customers.

What is Pro Uptime Monitor?

Pro Uptime Monitor is a company that provides uptime monitoring services to companies, especially online businesses, that aim to build and maintain a strong online presence. The company offers uptime monitoring services in packages — each varying in its inclusions and coverages. The company is also known for its excellent customer support team, which accommodates customer needs through consistent communication and troubleshooting of service-related concerns. Recently, many clients have reported high uptime performance because of Pro Uptime Monitor’s consistent monitoring and timely updates.

Learn more about uptime monitoring services and Pro Uptime Monitor by visiting Send an email to [email protected] for questions or concerns.

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