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Game Face On To The Best Patek Philippe Sports Watches

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Game Face On To The Best Patek Philippe Sports Watches

May 28
22:22 2020

Patek Philippe is an autonomous Swiss brand in watchmaking. It has engraved its arcane route through the coverts of horology to make what many contend are the exceptionally best timepieces in the world – including in the category of sports watches.

‘Best,’ obviously, does not imply perfect. Cynics equipped with a weak (and profoundly strange) anti-luxury attitude usually aim at the high prices and have not much left to speak. It is because a Patek Philippe timepiece, although you do not like it or what you believe it stands for, is an astounding piece of human creativity and ingenuity.

Best Sports Watches

Founded in the 1830s, the name Patek Philippe has ever since created a massive collection that presently consists of more than 160 watches and almost 50 in-house movements. This list has put together the subsequent guide to get you familiarized with the sports watches of Patek Philippe if you’re looking to steer their vast array without splashing through the intricate marketing bombast.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800

The Nautilus 3800 from Patek Philippe is a timeless timepiece, and one of the most admired versions from the legendary luxurious sports watch collection in Nautilus. It was initially launched in the 1980s, and it had an extended manufacturing run, which stopped in 2005. 

The case of Patek’s 3800 measures in at only almost 38mm in diameter, which makes it tinier than most sports watches today. From its case to the clasp and bracelet, this watch is fashioned from stainless steel with extremely high-quality finishing. Patek’s Nautilus 3800 also exhibits a mishmash of high polished and brushed techniques that instantly proclaim superiority.

The bracelet incorporates flawlessly with the buckle and case using a conical construction. To top it off, the timepiece has the enchanting famous ergonomic eight-sided smooth bezel. It has a simple yet sophisticated design, which reminds us how occasionally less is more, just as when it comes to luxury. 

Patek Philippe Waterproof Chronograph 1463

On another side of Patek Philippe, they have a sporty and timeless vintage goodness. By timeless vintage, we mean the iconic ref. 1463 chronograph, the brand’s first-ever waterproof chronograph and the direct forerunner to modern-day’s reference 5070.

Even though a few models were created in stainless steel, most are yellow gold and highlight a few classic mid-century Patek features. If you are considering a timepiece that personifies what vintage and sporty Patek is all about, then look no further. 

The Swiss brand first unveiled 1463 in the 1940s, and the timepiece was continuously manufactured up until the late ’60s. As anyone would anticipate from a watch produced for a very long time, Patek’s 1463 has various distinct dial configurations, involving a few numerals and color patterns. 

It may look strange to call 1463 a sports watch, but then it was Patek Philippe’s sport chronograph, with its waterproof case and tacky scale. This sports watch was reasonably robust at 14mm thick and 35mm in diameter, particularly with regards to its thickness. The reason for this is because of the enormous screw-down case and domed crystal with extra inner dust protection for its movement. 

Okay, now, does consider 1463 as a sports watch bring in a little more sense?

Patek Philippe Jumbo Aquanaut 5065A 

Last but not least, you have from Patek’s Aquanaut collection – the earliest Patek collection that is aimed at a contemporary crowd. 

While the Aquanaut’s form was stimulated by Patek’s masterpieces in Nautilus collection, the design of every other aspect makes the Aquanaut series brilliantly unique. Speaking of Aquanaut collection, one of the finest you can consider is the 5065A Jumbo Aquanaut. It was the earliest Patek timepiece that sported a rubber buckle and continues to be up to the present. 

The dial of Patek’s 5065A is exceedingly eye-catching and puts it apart from all other Patek Philippe timepieces, or sports watches for that matter. The watch has a sleek black form with a solicited patterned style that corresponds to the rubber strap’s design and. It has dense hands and hour markers with sizable lime innards, making it exceptionally readable in dark settings, including underwater.

What’s more, it is very lightweight and comfortable when it comes to how 5065 feels on your wrist. And as much as appearance goes, the timepiece has a unique legendary presence.

The Final Word

If you have remained in the luxury timepiece industry for an extended period, you find out that not every sports watch falls in a similar category. 

Additionally, you cultivate an appreciation and insight for which timepieces will rise in price (and significance). You also get a sharp eye for choosing some soon-to-be-legendary sports watches. With the guide we have offered, we are sure that you will be pleased in the coming years if you collect one of the sports watches introduced here.

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