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Online Fitness Classes Explode in Popularity: And They Are Here to Stay

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Online Fitness Classes Explode in Popularity: And They Are Here to Stay

August 22
00:45 2020
Online Fitness Classes Explode in Popularity: And They Are Here to Stay
The pandemic has brought about numerous changes – From the way we live, to how we interact and do business. Fitness business owners responded by offering online fitness classes.

The pandemic has brought about numerous changes — from the way we live, to how we interact and do business. In an effort to curb the spread of the virus, governments shut down many businesses and fitness was one of the most impacted industries. For some time, there was the hope of things quickly returning to normalcy but when the virus hit its peak, in March and April, it was time for businesses to consider alternative ways of reaching their clients. Fitness trainers responded by offering online fitness classes. To support it’s customers, TeamUp, an online booking system for fitness businesses, launched a Zoom integration. This proved to be popular with thousands of online classes being launched within the week of launch.

For most fitness instructors, delivering online classes has been a bittersweet process. There was a moment of great mutual appreciation for clients and communities who have stuck together, but there is also a real sense of missing the in-person dynamic.

Now that businesses have re-opened (at least in some form), it is clear that despite initial uncertainty, online classes are remaining popular and they also broaden the appeal of a business’s classes to new and otherwise out of reach customer groups.

Online Fitness and Exercise Classes Are Here to Stay

As exercise and workout classes moved online, it was clear that they filled a social and motivational gap that was otherwise missing without attending normal classes. Fitness customers saw ongoing sessions as a vital part of mental health and social normality. The classes became as much about the exercise as the friendly atmosphere and pre-and-post social time. Some customers even preferred online classes due to no commuting time and the convenience of being at home. The challenge of continuing to achieve goals during lockdown was significant. Now a trend has emerged where customers are requesting to continue with online classes or a blend of online and in-person. This is due to three main reasons:


One big advantage that comes with an online fitness session is convenience. Fitness trainees can join as long as they have a phone and Wi-Fi connection. They enjoy the ease of scheduling their workout sessions at whatever time they want, even during the working day. They don’t need to wait or cancel due to changing family commitments.

Commitment and Accountability

There are plenty of free workout videos on YouTube, but the extra help an instructor gives in helping fitness customers achieve their goals has been well received. A surprising factor has been how well received – this has underlined the value in accountability, something that has not been replaced by automated services. Reminders to attend sessions and the extra motivation to turn up are quoted as important reasons for continuing with programs.

New customer groups

One fascinating trend has been the expansion of potential customer groups. There are gym-shy fitness consumers who would never attend an in-person class that now feel able to participate. There are also other groups who wouldn’t be able to attend due to childcare or work commitments who are now part of a growing group of fitness consumers who are eager to try new things.

The overall trend towards online fitness classes continues to increase because of these benefits and more. Online fitness classes are here to stay and many fitness consumers are indicating they want a mix of in-person and online classes.

To help instructors and business owners we launched a Zoom integration, a new feature that helps them host their online classes enabling everyone to enjoy their normal workout session in a not-so-normal way. Online classes can be run alongside existing in-person clients to make it possible to blend and cater for all needs and circumstances.

Read more about TeamUp’s Zoom booking system feature.

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