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Sony and WIMI Hologram Cloud’s AR + AI Vision Technologies Create A New Ecology Of Entertainment Scenes

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Sony and WIMI Hologram Cloud’s AR + AI Vision Technologies Create A New Ecology Of Entertainment Scenes

August 25
01:48 2020

When LBS AR game “Pokemon go” is popular all over the world, this kind of game method of finding treasure and catching monsters in the real scene gives us an interesting new game way. However, its success is not that every IP + lbs AR game can be copied. The AR game “Ghostbusters: the world” adapted from the classic movie is an example.

But this is about to be changed, because Sony Pictures recently created this offline AR entertainment project: ‘Ghostbusters Rookie Training’, which shows us what offline AR entertainment should look like in the future. The project combines AR head show, line downstream paradise and a variety of simulated movie props, which is more immersive than AR mobile game, and the story is much more complete.


Sony’s interactive AR experience ‘Ghostbusters Rookie Training’ will satisfy your desire and allow you to capture and subdue ghosts just like the movie’s protagonist. The project is collaboration between Sony design and technology team and Sony Pictures, and shows how to transform augmented reality technology into a fun entertainment experience. It can be said that Sony’s designers and engineers take Sony technology and Sony content integration to a new level.

It is understood that the inspiration of ‘Ghostbusters Rookie Training’ comes from an AR glasses demo in Sony R & D center. At that time, the development engineers of AR glasses wanted to create a complete demo integrating user experience, through which they could get the feedback from game players and ordinary users, so as to explore suitable AR entertainment scenes.

In this project, the ultimate goal of Sony team is to integrate the real scene and AR to create a new offline entertainment experience. In order to achieve this, the immersion of AR content is very important. Unlike AR mobile games, ‘Ghostbusters Rookie Training’ has a more cinematic atmosphere. Players will feel more and more like they are the role of the movie when they follow the training of their tutors.

It is not only the visual content, but also the props with enough lifelike shape and weight, such as ghost trap, detector, etc. to enhance the lifelike feeling of the whole experience. In addition, players can also feel the body sense feedback brought by weapons when attacking ghosts with lasers. Even some AR ghosts interact with the real scene, looking like they are moving something.


From time to time, players will suddenly appear around the same as in the movie stunning scenes. It is reported that the developers will calculate the steps and speed of the players in the design stage, and use the sudden ghosts to bring unexpected feelings to the players at the right time. These elements strengthen the integration of AR virtual world and real scene, giving people a feeling of really catching ghosts.

This off-line AR experience combined with physical props is a bit of reference to the void, which proves again that only the head display and content are not enough to meet the excellent off-line XR experience, and the story, player interaction, body sense feedback, game props, etc. are also the key to create a sense of immersion.

In addition, compared with VR, offline entertainment has more advantages. First, players can see each other and communicate more smoothly. Second, AR projects can be located in a larger space. Players can see the surrounding environment without worrying about the danger of encountering obstacles. And the AR all-in-one machine used by Sony does not need a heavy backpack PC, so it is more convenient for players to move.

Sony Pictures’ ‘Ghostbusters Rookie Training’ brings a unique innovative entertainment experience for film professionals and game creators. In order to get as much feedback as possible, the team also held an experience activity for the public in Ginza Sony park. The development team now has a lot of feedback and suggestions, and they want to turn it into a better entertainment experience, and really combine physical and virtual.


However, major giants are constantly improving the layout of the industrial chain, and the experience of AR products is gradually improving. Apple and Samsung are expected to enter the bureau at the end of this year or next year.

According to a report released by Superdata, the AR market is expected to reach US $3.4 billion by the end of 2019 and US $9.6 billion by 2020.

Compared with VR, in recent two years, thanks to the rapid popularization of smartphone support for AR, AR applications have successfully entered the consumer’s vision, covering more than 1 billion users. At the same time, Google and apple are vigorously promoting the development of mobile AR technology, providing content developers with arcore, arkit and other ideal platforms. In terms of content, the basis of AR is much richer than VR in the same period. With the continuous maturity of augmented reality technology, the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the market demand will continue to rise, and it is expected that the global mobile AR market revenue in 2021 will be expected to exceed 17 billion US dollars.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) focuses on the field of holographic ar. at present, there are three ways to realize holographic AR, which are holographic AR based on 2D screen, holographic AR based on head mounted device and holographic AR based on 3D space. In order to obtain the hologram, the first two need the aid of equipment, while the 3D space holographic AR is not. The technology is to display through the plane transparent film made of special materials.

The core of WIMI business is holographic AR technology, which is used in software engineering, content production, cloud and big data to provide customers with AR based holographic services and products. The products mainly include (I) holographic AR advertising services and (II) holographic AR entertainment products.

Among the three holographic AR products, the products and solutions provided by WIMI are mainly for the holographic AR based on 2D screen and the holographic AR based on 3D space. It is worth noting that, similar to smart phones, holographic AR has a huge industrial chain.

In terms of segmentation, the AR industry chain mainly includes four parts: hardware, software, application and content, and services. Hardware includes parts and equipment, software is divided into information processing and operation platform, application and content are developed and produced for different industries, and service is distributed through distribution platform.

The holographic AR advertising software of WIMI enables customers to insert real or animated 3D objects into video clips, seamlessly integrate the objects with the scene clips in the video, while the advertising is mainly inserted in the film and television programs.

Compared with the traditional digital advertising, holographic AR technology advertising is more interactive, and more cost-effective and flexible. It can identify the repeated advertising space suitable for multiple brand advertising and save the corresponding costs.

The holographic AR entertainment products of WIMI include payment middleware software, game distribution platform and holographic Mr software. Payment middleware software mainly refers to that the company’s software can be fully integrated with various types of mobile applications. By 2018, WIMI’s payment middleware has been embedded in more than 1100 mobile applications of more than 300 customers.

The game distribution platform is the 233 game platform online game distribution platform launched by WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) in 2018. As of 2018, 150 applications have been published or docked on the platform, with an annual active membership of more than 200000.

Mr software is a comprehensive holographic application platform independently developed by WIMI. It includes multiple modules, allowing end users to edit and display holographic AR content and create customized visual effects.

The holographic cloud service will be deeply combined with 5g. Under the cooperation of 5g high speed and low delay, the transmission delay of remote communication and data transmission from the system terminal to the service server is about 6ms on average, which is far less than the transmission delay of 4G network, which guarantees the remote communication and data transmission of the holographic AR without jam and low delay, and the multi terminal collaboration in different places, and the richness and diversity of time interaction. It makes the end cloud collaboration more efficient. The application of enhanced mobile broadband (embB) and Internet of things (IOT) makes the holographic AR advertising business and holographic AR entertainment business of WIMI, as well as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference, holographic social, holographic communication, holographic home holography, etc., all of which will effectively increase the core technology based on 5g + AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face change technology.

With the development of 5g and IOT technology, AI vision will generate amazing capabilities on more terminals.

In 2020, with the development of 5g mobile communication, from terminal, communication infrastructure to the implementation and landing of software system, along with the commercialization of 5g, manufacturers are actively launching a new generation of head display equipment. Major developed countries start 5g service at the end of 2020, and major equipment manufacturers are expected to continue to launch new products. When 5g network tends to be stable, the sales growth trend of head display will appear, VR / AR within two years Head display equipment will usher in a turning point of growth, and the new content IP will also lead to a more popular new ecology of entertainment advertising.

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