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Former Foster Child turned PhD chooses Panhandle to find her forever home, and shows others the road to success despite adversities

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Former Foster Child turned PhD chooses Panhandle to find her forever home, and shows others the road to success despite adversities

September 15
18:39 2020
Former foster child turned PhD, speaker, author, and retired veteran worked all her life to overcome the long suffering of growing up in foster care and now seeks her forever home to enjoy some peace of mind as she reflects on how to best serve her community on her next lap of life.

Destin, FL – September 15, 2020 – Life can be hard and more so for foster kids with no biological family to emotionally support or guide them. But some of them mine their inner strength to get beyond such dire life struggles determined to create a solid footing in life. One such brave heart is Dr. Capri Cruz who, despite her foster care childhood adversity, has been led to the Panhandle to find her forever home.

“It gives me immense joy to finally know where I should settle down and seek out my forever home after so many years of struggle and hardship. The best part is, now I can finally focus on my life’s calling and simultaneously prepare a warm and loving haven for the next generation of my family”, stated Dr. Cruz.

“What makes me even happier is knowing that I now can teach others how to create their own inner peace and life success using the famous “faith and works” approach. I could not have achieved anything in my own right. Being a foster child leads to a fractured and often times traumatic sense of identity. There are innumerable hurdles to overcome, but, I wish to say this to anyone who feels lost, lonely, confused, or beaten down by life, especially our beloved foster children – ‘create your inner vision, move toward it one step at a time, and never quit. Keep your eye on the prize. Believe in it with all your heart’. Focus on developing an indomitable mind and spirit, work diligently as you focus forward, let God’s Word lead your path, and you too will meet with peace and success”, Dr. Cruz added.

A former foster child turned mental health therapist, Dr. Cruz has had a life of immense struggle and hardships. She became a mental health therapist to heal her childhood traumas as a foster child and now gives back to the community by teaching others how to neutralize the pain of their past so they can be led into their future victories. She’s also a strong advocate for foster children through the work of her non-profit, Fostering Hearts and Homes. On her journey as a mental health therapist, she learned about self-improvement and also how to reprogram her mind through hypnotherapy. Over time, Dr. Cruz discovered she is blessed with innate personal power, which led her to become a transformational speaker to help others recognize their own power. 

(In Frame: Dr. Bruce Lipton (on left) with Dr. Capri Cruz)

Per the statements of Dr. Cruz, the three main pillars of a happy and balanced life are mind, mission, and money – and it behooves us to master all three. She has launched her own proven online course entitled “The 6-Figure Blueprint”, that will guide you through the steps of mastering your own mind, mission, and money so you can take your own life to new heights. The course is packed with time-tested strategies that Dr. Cruz herself had used to create the great life she enjoys today.

“My 6-Figure Blueprint online course and personal coaching sessions will shed light on the workings of the conscious and subconscious minds and teach you how to reprogram them to create the greatest life of your dreams. The course and coaching sessions will teach you how to evolve your core mission to build a 6-Figure income so that you can spend the rest of your life doing the work you truly love”, explained Dr. Cruz.

The 6-Figure Blueprint course is equipped with 6 proven money-making and marketing approaches that will help you create a successful 6-figure business. Users can choose one single approach or bank on all 6 of them as per their specific needs.

“When I started out on this journey I didn’t even know what a mentor was. Today, I want to mentor others to their own personal freedom starting with the freedom created in their mind that then can create freedom in their spirit and bank account. It took me a fair share of my life to create the successful life I enjoy today and I want to save others decades of potentially wasted time because life is meant to be enjoyed and there’s no time like the present to get this party started.”

The 6-Figure Blueprint course comes with a set of 6 free bonuses to include personal coaching from Dr. Cruz. 

About Dr. Capri Cruz

Capri Cruz, PhD, speaker, author of From Foster Care to FABULOUS: An Imperative Movement and Maximize Your Super Powers, retired US Navy veteran, and former foster child has chosen the Panhandle to locate her forever home. After decades of fighting to overcome obstacles stemming from living a life void of the love and guidance every child needs from their parents and family, Dr. Cruz has now learned how to “live settled” and seeks the perfect home in the panhandle for her, her dogs, and future grandchildren. 

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