Unsung Hero: More Than Just a Video Game

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Unsung Hero: More Than Just a Video Game

October 09
02:54 2020

Indianapolis, IN, USA – October 8, 2020 – It is hard to imagine most people take video games seriously and why blame them? The word game after all implies something less than serious. COVID-19 has been a nightmare scenario unfolding at a painfully slow rate for over 6 months. With a health pandemic and the sustained isolation, the likes of which the world has never seen, the death toll has been high. The economic impact has also been devastating and many in the workforce have lost their job. Businesses and schools have closed or are open utilizing remote meeting technology. If there were a stress level thermometer it would be off the charts right now due to all the negative impacts of the pandemic. While scientists work on a vaccine and medicines to fight the virus itself, relief of sorts has come in the form of an unlikely hero. Video games have helped in a variety of ways during the past 6 months to reduce stress and even save lives.

According to a recent study by the CDC on considerable adverse mental effects, showing just over 40% of adults surveyed suffered at least one adverse mental effect from the thousands polled which is up significantly over the same time period in 2019.

5 Ways Video Games Reduce stress. 60% of CEO, CFO and other executives take a break during the day at work to play a video game according to psychologytoday.com.

A recent article on Reuters reports that 65% of adults in the USA play video games, over 160 million.

Haven’t we all heard things like, “video games will rot your brain?” As an adult we are encouraged to use our time on productive activities. While it many not be socially acceptable to be an adult gamer, the fact is that over 65% of adults in the United States play video games on a regular basis according to Reuters. In fact video games might be the unsung hero of the pandemic, according to Joseph Stepke in his just published article: Unsung Hero: More Than Just A Video Game not only to help parents keep their kids occupied as they try to work from home, but surprisingly also as a source of significant stress relief.

A paradigm shift in how we see video games as a society might be upon us and the days of a negative stigma might be over. Why? Well a published article on Psychology Today’s website lists 5 ways that Video games reduce stress and informs us that 60% of C level executives are playing video games themselves as a stress relieving mechanism. When the leaders of the economy are playing games, it’s no stretch to imagine that their staff and those looking to them as role models will follow suit.

Why are we surprised that so many adults today play video games anyway? Children of the 80’s, 90’s and on have grown up with Atari, Nintendo, Sony, Xbox and other popular consoles. With the emotional connection to video games and the ultimate say in what they buy as adults, there seemingly is no reason to not expect adults to continue to purchase and play games into their adulthood now. In fact with the rise of free games via mobile apps, it’s easy to play games just about anywhere, at work or otherwise.

The pandemic has been inconvenient to a lot of people, given the 6-month duration we have endured to with social distancing and the closures in the economy. Beyond the previously mentioned help to parents dealing with shut down schools and distance learning, there’s another elephant in the room. Because isolation, lost employment creating economic hardship, the loss of loved ones, political stress, racial tension and more, there has been a significant rise, in fact double the rate of adults who with considerable adverse mental effects year over year from 2019 to 2020. According to the CDC just over 40% of adults surveyed were found to have at least one adverse mental symptom.

Video games are not just a way to waste time. Many might not yet fully understand the positive impact playing video games has on society, especially when you consider the positive impact on adults for stress relief, however we hope this article will help change that.

Joe The Finance Guy is helping retailers in their efforts to increase video console sales this holiday season by offering them a no credit needed payment option for those shoppers who have less than $1,000 in the bank which we know is nearly 70 percent of the population. This program will help retailers increase sales to stimulate the economy and help adults who need a new viable source of stress relief, cope with their stress in a healthy way.

Stress will always be a part of life. Right now with the pandemic, stress levels are spiking. Video games are a serious source of relief and we contend, the unsung hero of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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