The Benefits of Ongoing Network Performance Monitoring According to

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The Benefits of Ongoing Network Performance Monitoring According to

October 22
00:48 2020
The Benefits of Ongoing Network Performance Monitoring According to

No modern business can survive without a fully functional, high-performing network. Network performance monitoring allows businesses to identify potential problems and resolve them as quickly as possible. Read on to find out about the benefits of working with a third-party performance monitoring service.

Predict and Prevent Downtime

Network downtime is a productivity killer for any business, but according to, monitoring allows business owners to predict when these outages will happen so they can preemptively correct the problems. If, for example, network traffic indicates that a device or network failure is imminent, the business owner will know about it in advance. Network monitoring can even help to prevent problems that cause downtime, maximizing service availability.

Reducing Time to Repair

When something does go wrong with the network, it will take time to repair the issue. Companies that want to maximize performance need to keep mean time to repair (MTTR) to a minimum. The best way to do that is to hire a third-party service that provides network monitoring to alert an IT professional when preventative maintenance is required.

Uncovering Security Threats

The primary purpose of performance monitoring is to ensure that the network stays up and running at optimal speeds with minimal downtime. However, companies like Viavi Solutions can also integrate cybersecurity features that will help clients uncover potential threats. That’s because malware and viruses draw extra bandwidth and network resources. Performance monitors will take note of unusual traffic and alert clients to the possibility that their networks have been breached.

Facilitate Remote Work

In today’s world, many companies allow some or all of their employees to work from home. Wondering Why You Need a Network Monitoring Solution During COVID-19? It’s simple. Remote workers create incoming traffic onto the network, and that traffic often originates from personal devices that don’t have the best security. Network monitoring keeps track of remote workers’ access to the network to help keep it safe.

Full Network Visibility

Even the best IT team won’t be able to resolve network performance issues if they aren’t aware of them, and most companies don’t have the best IT teams. Third-party network monitoring solutions keep track of all the traffic and connected devices that access the network, leaving no portion of its activity in the dark. There’s no need to worry about whether there are problems hiding in the network that will cause unexpected problems or security concerns.

Test Changes

When businesses make changes to their networks or their employees’ devices, testing will ensure that they are performing as intended. Network monitoring makes it easy to test hardware updates, new connections, and newly added devices. This prevents problems that could negatively impact the entire company’s connectivity.

Performance Reports

Business owners who work with reputable vendors can expect full performance reports. This gives them the information they need to keep track of network changes in an easy-to-understand format. Just make sure to visit the official site to request performance reports to avoid cybersecurity breaches.

The Take-Away

All modern companies need adequate network security and performance. Few can afford to hire specialists in this field. Just about any business can afford to hire a third-party performance testing service to fill in the gap.

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