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Proven Strategies for Choosing the Best Massage Chair for Health and Wellness Benefits

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Proven Strategies for Choosing the Best Massage Chair for Health and Wellness Benefits

November 23
09:39 2020

The best massage chairs, such as the Daiwa Hubble Massage Chair, provide exceptional value. However, this purchase is an investment. Thus, it is essential to choose carefully before handing payment over to the sales assistants.

At the outset of this discussion, it’s essential to note that, in order to avoid delivery delays because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to place a massage chair order as soon as the Cyber Monday massage chair deals are released, usually at 12am on the Monday after Black Friday. However, some retailers provide a preview of their Cyber Monday sales beforehand.

The average massage chair has many features, making it a challenge to decide which is the right option. Experience is key when purchasing a massage chair. The only way to determine whether a chair’s features fit the requirements is to try out several different chairs before concluding the purchase.

Consequently, here are several pointers (or strategies) to ease the pain of the decision-making process.

1. S-track versus L-track

The fundamental difference between an S-track and an L-track massage chair is that the S-track only extends from the neck to the lower back. In other words, it follows the s-curve of the human spine.

Juxtapositionally, the L-track extends the S-track and runs from the neck down to the glutes or hamstrings, depending on the chair’s model and make.

Both the S- and L-tracks are roller tracks that run right down the back of the chair. The rollers that run in these tracks move in a lateral and vertical direction, mimicking a massage therapist’s hands, allowing tapping and kneading. Additionally, a number of roller tracks allow for what is known as 3D rollers by providing the option of backward and forward movement.

2. Zero-gravity or inversion therapy

The different models in the range of Daiwa Massage Chairs offer either the zero-gravity or the inversion therapy functionality.

Both are beneficial to the human body. And a few chairs offer both functions in one chair, but most massage chairs provide the one or the other.

What is the difference?

Succinctly stated, the zero-gravity positioning was designed by NASA as the best body-weight position for astronauts to sit in during a spacecraft launch and landing. The human body, especially the spinal cord, is not designed to absorb 4Gs in a vertical position.

Enter the zero-gravity position.

The massage chair reclines in the zero-gravity position, simulating a weightless experience where the knees are at the same level or higher than the heart. This allows the body to relax and let go of all weight and tension. Because the legs are higher than the rest of the body, blood flow and circulation throughout the body are greatly improved. Finally, because of the reduced pressure on the spinal cord, muscles linked to the vertebrae can relax, allowing the vertebrae to decompress, relieving pressure on the discs, nerves, and muscles attached to the vertebrae.

On the other hand, inversion therapy is a technique where the human body is suspended upside down to reduce the pressure on the spine, stretch the spine, and relieve back pain.

The idea behind inversion therapy is that by shifting the body’s center of gravity, the pressure and tension resulting from standing upright are reduced, allowing the spine to decompress and the muscles attached to the vertebra to relax.

Another benefit of both zero-gravity and inversion therapy is that the spinal muscles linked to the ribs can relax. The chest cavity can open up, enhancing the body’s ability to breathe and absorb air oxygen. The absorption of increased air oxygen by the lungs can result in increased energy because the blood can transfer more oxygen to the body’s cells.

3. Compact of expansive chair design

Because of the high costs of real-estate, one of the elements to be considered is whether the chair’s design is compact, taking up very little space in a room, or whether it is less compact or more expansive, taking up more space in a room.

Choosing between these two options is fundamentally driven by how much space there is in the installation environment. Very little space translates into the need for a compact chair, while more space allows for a choice between these two options.

Final thoughts

The best and latest massage chairs are on offer both online and at The Modern Back’s showrooms.

The Modern Back is one of the leading online retail stores in the United States. They also have the largest showrooms in Florida, offering numerous massage chairs types and brands for every budget. And their knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions and to assist customers with the purchase of a massage chair.

Consequently, customers looking for the latest Daiwa massage chairs can shop the Cyber Monday massage chair deals at both The Modern Back – Boynton Beach and Sarasota showrooms as well as online.

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