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Creative Biolabs Unveils Antibody/Peptide Discovery Services for Parasitic Disease

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Creative Biolabs Unveils Antibody/Peptide Discovery Services for Parasitic Disease

August 18
17:51 2021
With the established AntInfectâ„¢ platform, Creative Biolabs launches antibody/peptide discovery services for the development of pharmaceutical drugs to be used in the treatment of parasitic diseases.

New York, USA – August 18, 2021 – Disease-causing parasites have long affected human populations. Since the 17th century, with the discovery and classification of numerous parasites, the parasite issue has been one of the global burdens. More than 3 billion people worldwide are infected by intestinal parasites or protozoans, and parasitic diseases are among the leading causes of death in humans globally.

Several serological techniques have been developed to provide diagnostic methods for parasitic infection, such as the complement fixation test (CFT), immunodiffusion (ID), and indirect haemagglutination (IHA). While for parasitic diseases, antibodies and peptides have been proved to be promising tools for the treatment of parasitic diseases. With the established AntInfect™ platform, Creative Biolabs launches antibody/peptide discovery services for parasitic diseases for the development of pharmaceutical drugs.

• Discovery of Antibody/Peptide Targeting Toxoplasma

Toxoplasmosis is threatening for people with weakened immune systems, causing brain inflammation, lung infection, or eye infection. Lots of high-specificity and affinity antibodies have been wildly used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. For example, surface protein SAG1 and Related Sequence family (SRS), SAG2, and SAG3 can be good targets for therapeutic antibody development.

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering high-quality antibody/peptide discovery services for Toxoplasmosis, and with phage display technology and high-density peptide array technology, the expert team can help discover functional peptides by high-quality epitope mapping service, which can be used for potential diagnostic antigen discovery.

• Discovery of Antibody/Peptide Targeting Taenia

Creative Biolabs provides high-quality anti-Taenia biomolecular discovery services for a range of targets, covering high-specificity and affinity antibodies, which can be wildly used in antibody-based diagnosis. Meanwhile, based on the antibody discovered or existed in serum, the epitope mapping service at Creative Biolabs can accelerate the finding of the functional peptides on the antigen. Moreover, the peptides discovered can also be widely used in the peptide-based diagnosis of Taenia species.

“For the treatment of parasitic disease, synthetic peptides and recombinant antigens potentially provide a reliable, reproducible and cost-effective alternative, independent of a supply of parasite-derived material,” as a scientist at Creative Biolabs introduced, “we focus on developing anti-parasite biomolecular for research, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, sparing no effort to assist our clients in the discovery of antibody and peptide targeting a wide range of parasites.”

Creative Biolabs has established the advanced AntInfect™ Platform for anti-parasite biomolecular development, covering various strategies and a large pool of functional antibody/peptide candidates. The Ph.D. level scientists can tailor different strategies for anti-parasites biomolecular discovery against diverse targets in a time-saving manner. Further information can be found on

About Creative Biolabs

As a leading custom service provider in antibody development and engineering, Creative Biolabs has established cutting-edge technology to support functional biomolecules development for infectious diseases. The service portfolio is comprised of anti-infective biomolecules discovery, CRISPR screening, siRNA screening, and small molecule drug discovery.

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