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September 15
08:09 2021
FansMine is a United Kingdom-based company that has launched an innovative premium content subscription-based platform where models, content creators, and influencers can benefit from 90% revenue share, free promotion and daily payouts.

The world of influencers and content creators is rapidly growing in size, which has led many companies to create platforms suitable for their art and messages.

However, the vast majority of current platforms are based on a, more or less, tried and tested formula, offering little in terms of unique features while largely basing the designs and functions of their apps on the ‘recipe’. 

Fansmine is a ‘fansonly’ platform that was designed to bring exquisite features, engaging functionalities, and familiarity while being unique in every respect. 

It seamlessly blends the social network aspect of social media platforms, subscription elements of content creator platforms, and exclusive unlockable content into an exquisite outlet for influencers, YouTubers, models, and users with artistic sensibilities. 

The currently includes over then 9,500 creators and more than 1.600.000 users. On average, each creator gaining hundreds a subscribers daily with revenue on average 1,000 – 20,000 USD. The creators and modesl earns on FansMine over than 20,000 USD monthly.

The brand is reaching out to creators, influencers, artists, models, and individuals who want their voices to be heard and their statements received globally; at the same time, FansMine emphasizes the fact that their platform offers lucrative opportunities for potential users in terms of generating stable incomes through 90% revenue share and fast payout times:

“Step into the mystical world of FansMine! Calling all creators & influencers and models! FansMine is an innovative premium content subscription platform without any restrictions. Enjoy 90% revenue share, including free promotion by our QA team with incredible fast payouts within 24 hours via PayPal or Bank Transfer. Stay connected. We got you!”

One of the most exquisite features of FansMine is the detailed Explore Feed, which allows all users to find and connect with hundreds of other registered users. 

All content creators on the FansMine Explore feed are represented with their profile pictures, background artwork, statistics regarding individual uploads (pictures, documents, and live videos), descriptions, and subscription costs. 

After finding content creators they feel a connection with, FansMine users can subscribe to their page and unlock all otherwise locked content. Additionally, creators, influencers, models, and artists can lock even subscription-exclusive posts, morphing them into donation-based content. 

Donation-based content is available for non-subscribers and subscribers alike, although unlocking this particular type of content requires the users to pay a certain fee to permanently unlock documents, photos, or videos. 

Users can also tip their favorite content creators and models to promote them and allow them to continue creating beautiful content. 

The FansMine app works on all PC and mobile devices, feature pay-per-view messaging and tips, support videos and live chat files while offering users to receive daily payouts. The platform is remarkably secure and protected by 256-bit encryption.

More information about the FansMine application and platform can be found on the brand’s official website. FansMine app is available for free on both Android and iOS devices. 

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