Tree Service Experts Irvine Turns Dead Tree Into Slices and Stumps for Use on Walk Path

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Tree Service Experts Irvine Turns Dead Tree Into Slices and Stumps for Use on Walk Path

July 27
02:03 2022

Irvine, California – Tree Service Experts Irvine recently received a call from a homeowner who wanted her dead tree split into tree trunk slices. Miss Alisson wanted the dead tree to be put under use instead of the dangers it posed to her family members. She wanted to save on buying walk path tiles using a cheaper alternative.

The dead tree had started decaying from the inside, which was not a good sign either. It was susceptible to any sudden breakage. Miss Alisson didn’t want it turned into firewood as she used a modified heater to heat the house instead of wood fire points. In addition, she was not into outdoor cooking.

Over and over the family has always cared for the tree,” said Miss Alisson. “Sadly things didn’t go as anticipated. The tree had been attacked by several parasites that saw it die. The family has been laid back for quite a while about the tree until it had to call an arborist who then broke the news the tree was dead. The family has been adamant with blunt reasoning, that the tree was just experiencing changes due to seasonal shifts. In addition for a while, the family had been away for about 5 months.”

Alisson noted the tree needed to be removed and afterward used for decorating the pathways leading to various utilities on the compound. She was not sure which option to settle for, wooden slices or the ceramic tiles. As Alisson mentioned, ceramic tiles were costly and would have shaken the family’s bank savings.


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After looking for the best company,” said Alisson, “the family settled for Tree Service Experts Irvine since it was going to kill two birds with one stone. The family was aiming to get the dead tree removed and equally split into trunk slices and stumps. The family reached an agreement with the company after a few logistics and the charges were gentle on the family’s pockets. The company promised to schedule the family for the procedure the next day. Conventionally, the company’s customer care addressed the family with astute professionalism and detailed the family in everything it wanted to know.”

The family was planning on saving as much as possible, as mentioned by Alisson. They had an under budget, and they would face intricate consequences by spending too much above the budget. Alisson further stated the tree procedure was to be done soon to ensure the tree slices and stumps were readily available for the landscaper to design the pathways.

The company has power-cutting tools of every kind,” said the field operations officer. “To ensure the trees were sliced to smaller parts, the field operations officer made sure the machine parts were razor sharp. As mentioned by the field operations officer, a few maintenances were scheduled for the parts that evening after receiving Alisson’s call.”

Tree Service Experts Irvine team showed up early the next day,” said Alisson. “They arrived early enough to ensure most of the work was cleared by dusk. They had a crane, ropes, bucket trucks, and power-cutting tools. The team spontaneously worked on the dead tree foot by foot, until the last part of the trunk was brought down. The team later in the afternoon embarked on slicing the trunks into sizeable stumps to be used on the walk paths.”

Miss Alisson, who received the company’s tree services has once reached the company again,” said the company’s CEO. “However, this time she has shared the good news. She has mentioned the company helped her save on the cost of setting the walk paths. She further stated the tree slices were perfectly done by the company and words can’t explain how much she feels indebted towards Tree Service Experts Irvine.”

Tree Service Experts Irvine offices are located at 17971 Sky Park Cir, Irvine, CA 92614, united states. The company can also be reached at +1 657-332-1006 and [email protected]

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