Billim Bags Has Begun A Kickstarter For Their Innovative And Quality New Crossbody Bag To Help Men Free Their Pockets

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Billim Bags Has Begun A Kickstarter For Their Innovative And Quality New Crossbody Bag To Help Men Free Their Pockets

October 26
10:48 2022
With the unique goal of helping men empty their pants pockets and opt for a stylish and convenient crossbody bag instead, Billim Bags is gaining traction with their Kickstarter. These top-of-the-line bags are designed by men, for men, to provide the ultimate product.

Men’s fashion is an ever-changing field. From clothing to accessories, there is a need to update and innovate to ensure the best outfits and functionality. One thing that has long been a staple for men’s clothing in the United States is pockets. With everything men have to carry, such as their wallets, keys, and phones, their pockets quickly become filled up, and they weigh down their pants. 

Billim Bags has come up with a stylish and manly alternative to the heavy, full pockets. Their new crossbody bag design is functional and created to last with the highest quality materials and production. 

The founder and origin story of Billim Bags

Gunnar Caldwell founded Billim Bags based on his travel needs. While living in Papua New Guinea, men carrying crossbody bags were a normal part of his daily life. He grew used to the convenience of it and how it enhanced his traveling experience. 

He enjoyed how he could bring more items with him without sacrificing limited pocket space or weighing down his pants. It became a tradition for him to collect a new crossbody bag in every country he visited as he traveled throughout the world. 

This tradition came to a surprising halt when he traveled to the United States. This seemingly normal piece of his life hadn’t reached the US yet. The few options he found for bags just didn’t fit the expectations he had been hoping for. With the realization that the US was lacking what had become a staple part of his day, Gunnar decided to create his own crossbody bag. 

Billim Bags

Billim Bags has begun a Kickstarter to fund their phenomenal product, and it’s already begun gaining support from like-minded individuals. The crossbody bag is made out of durable and recycled material, making it last a long time while helping the environment. The fabric, called Cordura, is highly regarded as one of the most durable available. 

The bag is water resistant to protect valuable items inside. The tubular nylon webbing of the straps is the typical material used for rock climbing as its strong and comfortable to use.  Even the zipper is water resistant, with metal hardware instead of the typical plastic. 


Billim Bags are the future of men’s crossbody wear. They’re made with tough materials to ensure they last with water resistance to protect the belongings inside. Numerous zipper and side pockets complete the compact bag to keep any items separate that the wearer wants. Weighed-down pants pockets are a thing of the past with this innovative new bag, sure to hold everything a man needs to carry. 

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