Biohong Group Unveiled Supramolecular Technology of Intelligent Target to the World, Opening a New Era of Intelligent Targeting Type Technology for Skincare

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Biohong Group Unveiled Supramolecular Technology of Intelligent Target to the World, Opening a New Era of Intelligent Targeting Type Technology for Skincare

March 08
15:27 2023

On March 2, 2023, the “supramolecular technology of intelligent target conference” with the theme of “Intelligence makes beauty, Targeted regeneration” was held in Xi’an, China. Biohong Group unveiled the Kunpeng technology platform to the world, and based on this technology platform, the group extended the epoch-making technologies— “TAISHU”(peptide) and “BAONIANTAI”(matrix), which will provide intelligent repair for skin and subvert technological innovation to the field of skincare.

The “TAISHU” technology, born on the Kunpeng technology platform, aims to modify and transform peptide to make them a stable micelle. The micella can deliver effective ingredients to the corresponding cells through the skin, providing strong technical support for skin repair and realizing real skin regeneration. On the other hand, the technology of “BAONIANTAI” which comes from the same platform, breaks the limitations of its formula application, and significantly improves the efficacy and function of the active ingredients by modifying the active ingredients.

Technological innovation, breaking the international technological bottleneck

Based on the achievements of Biohong Group in more than 20 years of intensive research in regenerative medicine, including drug design and development of peptides. Biohong Group takes the lead in the cross-border application of drug peptides to the field of cosmetics raw materials, which makes peptides into micelles that can avoid enzymolysis by biological enzymes. The micelle structure can carry many kinds of effective ingredients—collagen peptide and melittin to penetrate the skin and exert effects.

At the same time, the “TAISHU” technology can carry kinds of peptides, and all of these can realize dual functions. The technology can repair all kinds of skin problems in origin by completing transdermal delivery of different functional components and playing a precise role in skin cells. For example, the “TAISHU” technology can carry collagen peptide, melittin, and whitening peptide to play an active role in repairing damaged and missing collagen in the body, as well as achieving the repair and regeneration of  collagen, anti-inflammatory, and whitening. 

The scientific research team from Biohong Group make not only technical breakthroughs in the “double peptide effect”, but also complete innovative development in the role of intercellular matrix. At this press conference, ceramide, pro-xylane-azelaic acid, sodium alginate and other technical products were launched, which fully upgraded the effective ingredients on the basis of their original efficacy in order to make cells moisture, fuland and refresh the skin.

Intensive research on regenerative technology, leading the trend of scientific skincare 

As one of the earliest groups to enter the field of regenerative medicine in China, Biohong group has successfully developed several globally advanced regenerative medicine products and has taken the lead in realizing the industrialization of regenerative medicine. The group has not only filled the gap in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine production in China through self-developed products,but also provided new technological support to medical cosmetology.

Independent research and development of new technology  to empower the brand

In the advancement of powerful scientific research strength, Biohong Group has unveiled more than ten new technologies around the world and these technologies will be applied to various beauty brands in the Group. With the blessing of the supramolecular technology of intelligent target, all brands in the group have released new products in order to give skin new experience with technology to vast people who love beauty.

Focusing on the new development of scientific skincare

Some well-known domestic scientists, experts, longtime industry observers, and vertical media were also invited to witness the event and find out how regenerative technology can be better applied in skincare.

The clinical transformation committee of medical science and technology skincare was announced on the same day of the briefing. The committee will aim to promote the original domestic technology of skincare to the world and optimize the conformity resources. In the process, they must optimize and synthesize resources, give full play to the leading work of experts in various fields, and explore the clinical application of regenerative medicine technology in skincare.

Intelligence makes beauty, Targeted regeneration nursing skin by technology

As a leader in the field of regeneration medicine, Biohong Group, based on regenerative technology, which committed to building the technological innovation system of producing-studying-researching, accelerates the landing and application of scientific research projects and continues to explore the intelligent targeted repair of skin cells by working from the source of skin problems.

In the future, Biohong Group will continue to deep ploughing regenerative medicine and inject strong technical support for the industry’s high-quality development. Leading by supramolecular technology of intelligent target, Biohong will constantly update the technical transformation and application of regenerative medicine in the field of skincare in order to open a new era of intelligent targeted skincare.

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